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I try my best to share the most reliable and useful information on my blog "Beauty for Eternity" which is intended for general purpose only. This information comes from the research, my science education and my own experience. I share my opinions and recommend the products if I have already been benefited by using these. However, I do not take responsibility if anything that I recommend does not work for you. We all react to things differently and I can not promise that something that has worked for me, will surely work for you and something that has not harmed me will not be harmful for you either. People who have sensitive skin and allergies must do a patch test and consult a specialist also before trying on a new product on themselves. Kindly use your common sense and do patch test if you are not sure about trying something from my blog.

The products I feature on my blog are purchased by me for most of the time. However, sometimes I am lucky to get gifts/samples from companies to try out and all those are marked with a * and mentioned in the post itself. I share my honest and unbiased opinions about those product hoping that it might benefit my readers. I never accept money to say something that I actually don't believe myself.

All the content on my blog including information, pictures and graphics belongs to me unless stated otherwise. I put in a lot of time and effort to produce this content. Copying, stealing or reproduction of any form of content is strictly NOT acceptable. If you want to use something from my blog then ask me politely and if I permit, then make sure you give me proper credit and link the content back to my blog.

If you want to ask anything, request for a particular blogpost or video, want to be featured on my blog or just like to be friends then shoot me an email on allthingsgirly1010@gmail.com

I try my best to reply at the earliest.



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