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Hello Beauties !

I am Ritu, author, editor and creator of this blog; born and brought up in Punjab of India and settled in Australia since 2012 after being married to the love of my life whom I call 'Cupcake' with love and a young mommy of a gorgeous little baby girl whom I will refer to as 'Baby Cupcake' here on this blog.

Makeup has always been my thing because it lets me create a better version of my own self. My most favourite Makeup look has always been heavily kohled eyes and glossy lips with radiant skin that glows from within and looks like 'SKIN' and not like a thick Paint. I also love to play with colours and look like the most confused person when asked to pick a favourite colour of mine because I actually do love all the colours.

I took up Teaching as a profession after completing my Masters in the field of Education from Monash University, Melbourne. Prior to that I had done another Masters in the subject of Bioinformatics from PU, Chandigarh and as a result of both my Master degrees I became a Science Teacher.

I love Australia because it's peaceful, colourful, less polluted and allows me to have full freedom to do what I love to do and live life the way I like. I wear all types of clothes ranging from Ethnic Indian to comfy skirts and shorts and none is there to judge me on the basis of my clothes.

I started my YouTube Channel in the year 2013 because I wanted to share my love for Henna/Mehndi with the world and had no clue that it will be a huge success. I currently have nearly 10k dedicated subscribers who always watch and admire my videos.

I believe not only in superficial and artificial beauty but also in something that makes me beautiful from within because that is what which sustains and is eternal hence I chose 'Beauty For Eternity' to be the name of my blog. This blog will help me to express my love for Beauty, Makeup, Henna/Mehndi, Nail Art, Skincare, Haircare, Fashion, Shopping Hauls, DIYs and my two Cupcakes. I hope you have a great time reading my blog.

My Profile:
Height - 153 cm
Weight - 58 kg (average)
Skin Type - Combination with an oily T- zone and dry C- zone
Skin Colour - NC35-38
Hair - Medium length with wavy texture
Hair Colour - Dark Brown
Eye Colour - Dark Brown
Favourite Makeup Product - Kohl and Lipsticks
Favourite Cuisines - Punjabi, Gujarati, Italian
Hobbies - Reading, Writing, Painting, Poetry & Cooking


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