5 Right Choices To Make To Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery

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We all want to remain forever young. Healthy,soft , glowing and wrinkle free skin is everyone's dream but this dream seems to shatter when signs of ageing start to show on your skin. The problem is worse if the signs show earlier than you would expect them to do. The most important factor that is responsible for early ageing of your skin is exposure to harmful rays of the sun followed by pollution, chemicals present in the products you use and improper nutrition. Where it's not so easy to reverse the signs of ageing once they start showing up, it is possible to still look young with some tips and tricks that are easy to do yet 100% effective too. In this post I will discuss 5 easy tips which will make you look 10 years younger than you are. However in these tips, I will focus on makeup mistakes and styling mistakes only which if corrected properly can subtract years and years form your age that appears from your face.

1. Thick vs Thin Eyebrows: Eyebrows are one of the most important feature of one's face. These frame the face and give a definition to your face. Thicker eyebrows make you look younger whereas thin eyebrows, sparse eyebrows, over-plucked or over-threaded eyebrows make you look way more older than you might be. Now, when I say maintain thicker and darker eyebrows , I also mean that make them look natural too if you are using a product to fill them in with. Do not overdo eyebrows to an extent that they start looking like they have been painted. To achieve fuller yet natural looking eyebrows, you must watch this easy to follow, step by step tutorial for eyebrow filling and shaping.

2. Matte Vs Dewy Skin : As we age, our skin tends to get drier than it used to be in young age. So moisturizing well is very important to fake that youthful skin. If we apply makeup on dry skin then instead of making us look prettier, it enhances our dry patches, fine lines and wrinkles and results in adding more years to our looks. Hence, moisturize well before applying your foundation and concealer so that dry patches, blemishes, rough spots on your face can settle a bit and are not exaggerated with makeup. Use light weight oils like bio-oil, rosehip oil etc to moisturize your face to achieve a glowy and dewy makeup look. Stay away from matte looks as they tend to make you skin look dull, dehydrated, dry and hence aged too. Makeup products blends well on moisturized skin and hence look more natural. 

3. Bangs Vs Flat Hair: Our hair style speaks volumes about our age. It is natural for the hair to fall and become thinner as we age. You can control it to a certain limit but not beyond that. However by choosing the right hairstyle you can surely achieve younger look. Do not make hairstyles with all your hair combed backwards as it will exaggerate the loss of volume and density of your hair. Instead , opt for hairstyles with front bangs which help to frame the face and hide bald spots on the sides of your forehead. These hairstyles really help you to look young.

4. Straight Hair Vs Curly Hair: To look young after 40, opt for straight hair instead of wavy or curly hair. This is because hair tend to curl naturally as we age. We have thicker and straighter hair when we are young. So maintain a hairstyle with straight hair instead of the one with curly hair is another important tip to look young without makeup and surgery. It instantly shows a difference. Check out this video tutorial on How to achieve parlor like pin-point straight hair easily at home.

5. Matte Vs Glossy Lips: Our lips tend to become thinner as we grow older. Hence choosing products with gloss which give you fuller lips over the ones which are matte and make your lips look thinner is another important tip to subtract a few more years from the age that your face shows. Go for lip glosses which reflect light and add volume to your lips. You can also use shimmery lip colour as those are with light reflective particles which when shine, make your lips look thicker and hence make you look younger.

We hope you will find these tips useful and follow them in your daily life to look youthful.

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