7 Home Remedies To Cure High Blood Pressure in 15 Days

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Beauty is directly related to your general health. If you are healthy from within, it will automatically reflect through your skin and hair. Therefore it is very important to stay healthy to look beautiful in every way. However, with increasing stress and decreasing sleep with each passing day, it is becoming really hard day by day to stay fit. You can easily find a patient suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure in every home. Long waiting queues at government and private clinics show that the number of patients is increasing at an alarming rate. People have to buy medicines worth thousands every month. But think once, what if despite of taking medicines, one does not get his blood pressure back to normal ? What can one do in that condition ? It will increase the stress level more and hence blood pressure will also rise as a consequence of increased stress. Hence, one needs to also think about other alternatives to keep the blood pressure normal rather than just adhering to medicines. In this article, I will share top home remedies to manage high blood pressure at home. These remedies work slowly but these do work and you yourself will notice the change. Even doctors say that lifestyle and eating habits make more impact on blood pressure and overall health of a person so before taking strong medicines, one should also look for home remedies.
So, here are my top home remedies for high blood pressure:

1. Take 20 ml of onion juice, 20 ml of organic honey and 10 gram of Mishri (Sugar) and mix these together and store in a glass bottle. Take 10 ml of this syrup daily to bring your blood pressure back to normal.
2. Take equal quantity of each of water melon seeds and poppy seeds (Khus Khus) and grind these separately to make a fine powder and mix the powders together and store in an air-tight container. Consume 1 tbsp ( 3 gram) of this powder with lukewarm water, empty stomach every morning and before bed at night. Continue this remedy for 3-4 weeks and see the results to continue further.
3. Take 3 g of fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana) powder twice daily with lukewarm water for 15 days and see your high blood pressure getting back to normal. This remedy is useful for diabetes also. 
4. Take 2-3 garlic cloves empty stomach every morning. It's the best if you can chew the garlic cloves but if you find it difficult then chop the cloves into small pieces and consume them with lukewarm water like you take tablets. This remedy lowers blood cholesterol really fast and thus controlshigh blood pressure. It also suppresses the tumor formation in the body.
5.Take equal quantity of wheat and black gram ( kala chana) and get these milled to form a flour. Use this flour without sieving it to make chapatis. This home remedy works like a magic to lower the high BP. 
6. Consume ripened papaya empty stomach every morning for 1 month and don't eat anything for 2 hours after eating Papaya. This works wonders for all heart related problems.
7. Take 4 Tulsi leaves and 2 Neem leaves and crush these together with 2-3 tsps of water and consume these for 7 days in empty stomach to lower the high BP.

These are my top 7 home remedies for high blood pressure. These tips help to control hypertension. Although these are tried and tested tips but you need to take some precautions also for taking 100% benefit of these remedies because otherwise these alone won't help much.

Precautions to be taken in High Blood Pressure:
1. Say "NO" to heavy and fat containing foods like full cream milk, cream, butter, ghee, oil etc and eat as light as possible.
2.Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.
3. Switch from Maida or Plain flour to whole grain and multi-grain flour for making chapatis.
4. Say strict "NO" to all types of sweets, fried foods, pickles, spicy foods.
5. Refrain from standing for long hours and running fast.
6. Eat less and eat in small portions.
7. Stay happy and avoid taking too much stress about everything.

I hope you try these remedies and get help in lowering down your high blood pressure. Do share these with your friends and family to let them also take the advantage of these.

Disclaimer: These remedies are based on general experience and should be followed only after consultation with a qualified doctor. 

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