lol Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches - A $3 Palette Performing As Good As Expensive Brands

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Eyeshadows have always been a favourite makeup item for me to play with. I love eyeliners and lipsticks the most but I don't try to be as daring with those two as I do with eyeshadows. Although I love neutral eyeshadows the most as there is always a very little chance for you to go wrong with those yet I do try bold and bright colours too to experiment with my eye makeup looks.
Few days back when I went to Kmart to buy some home decor stuff and just before queuing to pay for the items I had picked, I saw some inexpensive makeup from the  brand 'lol' which stands for 'Lots of Love' and hails from Paris. All the items were priced at $3 and there were a lot to check. What got me the most interested were their eyeshadow palettes which were available in a variety of colours and I could not stop myself from buying one in the shade 'From Paris With Love' which is a monochrome palette with 5 different shades of Pink out of the total 6 similar palettes available there. Considering how inexpensive these were, these deserved a try.

These are monochrome palettes from their 'Vertical Graduated Eyeshadows' range, where you get 5 different shades of a single colour and are available in the shades of pink, purple, green, blue, black and brown. They have similar looking palettes which are called 'Rotational Palettes' in which there are 6 colours instead of 5 but the combinations are pretty much the same. 

The palette is very compact and light weight and can easily fit in your clutch. It's made up of plastic and has a clear see through top and comes with a sponge applicator too which I don't use at all. It is slightly difficult to open it up and you have to use your nails so your nail paint will tend to chip while opening it up but it gets loosened up with regular use

The Ingredients.. These do contain Parabens,,sadly

I did not have much expectations from this palette initially but it did prove me wrong. The eyeshadows are of really good quality and do not look or feel cheap. The pigmentation, surprisingly, is awesome.. Lighter colours do need to be built up 2-3 times to show properly but for darker colours...just one swipe is enough to get full opacity. These swatches look different in different lighting. 
The Swatches in the natural light

The Swatches taken in Bright sunlight

These eyeshadows feel silky smooth and have a satin-like finish.. neither too shimmery nor too matte. These blend effortlessly , cause no fall-outs and last for up to 4 hours on their own and more than 6-7 hours with an eyeshadow primer. Although I have oily lids, yet these don't crease on me.
I wish there was a matte brown shade too so that I could rely on this palette solely to create an eye look but that's not a big issue. You are getting 5 eyeshadows of awesome quality for $3 and that too in Australia where makeup is ridiculously expensive so you can't really complaint. 
Overall, I absolutely love this palette because it's perfect size, inexpensive, awesome quality and a great product to experiment with coloured bold eye makeup looks without spending an arm and a leg. Students and beginners in makeup must give it a try. People who use basic makeup only and want to try their hands on eyeshadows too can definitely play with this palette without spending a fortune. I highly recommend it and will repurchase other shades too.
You can buy this palette from Kmart Australia and from lol Cosmetics Website for $3 only.
Do you love to play with colored eyeshadows or stick to neutrals only ? Talk to me in the comments below.

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