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One of the biggest struggles of a makeup lover- maintaining a clear and healthy skin. Regardless of how good your makeup looks and how much time have you put in to achieve a look yet you have to go through the pain of taking every bit of it in order to keep away from skin problems like acne, clogged pores and blackheads but this pain is totally worth it if you desire for a healthy and problem free skin.
No matter what amount of makeup you put on..it can never subrogate a healthy skin. Just imagine your favourite concealer sitting on top of a pimple !! Where most of the reasons behind getting acne can not be avoided because those are hormonal and genetic too yet some of those can definitely be dealt with. Not taking your makeup off completely and in-efficient cleansing is one of those reasons that we will talk about in this post. 
Our everyday cleansing products are good to clean makeup-free skin because all we have is dust/dirt and excess oil on our face which a good everyday cleanser can remove efficiently. However if you have layers of makeup on then you have to use an additional makeup remover which can disintigrate oils, waxes and so much more stubborn stuff that cosmetics contain and an ideal makeup remover should be gentle yet effective to remove all that with ease so in search of these qualities I wanted to try Face of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover. Read on to know if it has what I was after.
Honestly, I had no clue that Face of Australia had a makeup remover too before I went to a 40% off cosmetic sale at Big W where I saw this cute blue bottle lying on the shelf there.
Face of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover
I did not have a good makeup remover and this one being on sale had to come home with me along with my most favourite drugstore eyeshadows, Australis Mettalix Eyeshadows. Check what else did I buy in that shopping haul of mine from Big W and Priceline
I have tried Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk in the past and reviewed on the blog so that you can come to know why I had to hunt for a new makeup remover. About FOA Make up remover, the first two things that I had to test were a) if it was gentle enough to be labelled as a 'Gentle Make-Up Remover' b) If it could actually REMOVE the makeup effectively. We shall talk about these one by one.
Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover

I actually used to think that non-alcoholic makeup removers being gentle are not as effective as the ones with alcohol but the later are equally harsh and drying too. Surprisingly, this goodie from Face of Australia is extremely gentle and feels calming on the skin because it has cornflower extract. It is alcohol-free, paraben-free, oil-free and fragrance-free and does not dry out the skin. I remove my waterproof as well as non-waterproof eye makeup with this and it never stings my eyes. It gets full points for being so gentle. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized too so that is a bonus.
Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover
Now comes the question if it could remove all sorts of makeup effectively. It is a bi-phasic or dual-phased makeup remover which has got water and silicone and needs to be shaken vigorously to let the two phases mix together before using it. I take 3-4 makeup removing cotton pads and use 2 of those for my eyes. After shaking the bottle, I take some of the product on a cotton pad and press it on my closed eye and wait for 4-5 seconds before wiping the makeup away. This removes the makeup efficiently without having you to wipe again and again and irritate your delicate eye area. I then wipe rest of my face with another cotton pad and follow with my usual CTM routine. It dis-integrates all sorts of gel eyeliners, water proof mascaras along with your regular liquid eyeliner and mascara and removes all of those completely. It works equally well on foundations, concealers, lipsticks, waterproof liquid lipcolours and everything that you can name. I have used it with Mac Studio Sculpt foundation (Sample), Maybelline Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless foundation, Maybelline Fit me concealer, Loreal Gel Eyeliner, Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Mascaras and so many more products and it worked on each one of those. I am highly impressed with it's efficacy as a makeup remover.
Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover

Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover
It does not leave any sticky film on the skin because it's oil free and did not break me out. I need only a few drops and it's thoughtful and convenient packaging with a small hole at the top and a screw lid allows me use how much I want to. It is sturdy, compact and made up of plastic so you can travel with it without fearing about any breakage or leakage. The blue colour looks refreshing to the eyes.
This product is made in Australia and not tested on animals so you have two more reasons to give it a go. I highly recommend it and will continue to repurchase it because it's the best I have tried so far.

BFE Rating: 4.9/5
Price: $8.95
Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and online at FOA Website

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