Models Prefer Matte Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review - A dupe for Urban Decay Palettes ?

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In my last post about 'Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1 Wash Scrub', I had told you that how excited I get about my Christmas shopping. So, it was last week when I got to know about a huge, flat 40% off cosmetic sale at Priceline, Australia so it was like the best time for me to start my shopping. For those of you who don't know about Priceline..Let me enlighten you.. it's a pharmacy/drugstore in Australia where you can get cosmetics, make-up tools, skincare products, fragrances and heath supplements.
So, I started preparing my shopping list so that I could get the most out of it. I am a kind of person who, if doesn't carry a list with herself, gets lost at stores like Priceline during sales and forgets what actually I have to buy and ends up buying a lot of other eye-catching stuff which I don't even need. So, with my list in my handbag I went to the store and forgot the world.. Yes, I mean it when I say so because I had never spent $289 on just one makeup haul before but that day I did.. Thanks to my husband, who sponsors my crazy shopping hauls. He is a sweetheart indeed.
I bought a lot of stuff and a haul video is already up on my YouTube channel so you can check what I got. It was when I had thought that I was done with my shopping and going to join the long queue at the billing counter, that this Eye-shadow palette got my eyes on it.

For a second, I was shocked to see 'Urban Decay Nak*ed' palette at Priceline but then I realized that it was by Models Prefer.. Priceline's own exclusive makeup brand.

I could not resist myself from buying it because, a) It was a Matte-nude palette which is very hard to find b)It was for only $10 and I was going to get a further 40% off on this so it was going to cost me only $6 for 12 eyeshadows and a dual-ended brush. Incredible !! Right ?

The packaging says:

The Ingredients

 This compact, rectangular, matte eyeshadow palette has been launched this year only and comes in a beautiful metallic case which mimics the famous 'Na*ked' Palettes by Urban Decay. It's sturdy and travel friendly because it closes very securely and also comes with a mirror and a dual ended eyeshadow brush which has a fluffy blending end and a flat shading end. The brush looks very functional and useful and is of really good quality. The idea of adding this brush also makes it similar to Urban Decay palettes.
The Brush

The eyeshadows in this palette range from soft porcelain to dark browns and black including medium browns in between making it a complete palette to define the eyes in a subtle way. These eyeshadows are really good quality compared to their price and are silky smooth to touch, decently pigmented and last for 4+ hours on primed lids before these start to fade and crease.These are very blend-able, non-irritant and cause almost no fall-outs while application.
Each one of the 12 shades in this palette has been given a name which I really like. I have never owned a drugstore palette having names on eyeshadows. Starting from the left, these eyeshadows are as follows:
1. Ashen 
2. Barely
3. Buff
4. Soft
5. Cashmere
6. Sable
7. Espresso
8. Chocolate
9. Camel
10. Sand
11. Fawn
12. Blackness
Here are the swatches...all on my primed skin...
Swatches in natural light, shade
First 3 colors, namely Ashen, Barely and Buff are light porcelain and beige kind of shades, good for using on entire eyelid to even the same out and to make the blending of other eyeshadows easier. These can also be used to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. You can choose any one of these depending upon what skintone out of fair, medium or dark you have. These 3 colors need layering to actually show up on my skintone.
Next 3, viz Soft, Cashmere and Sable are medium brown and good to be used as transition colors and as crease colors if you wish you define your eyes subtly.
Swatches in Flash Light
Swatches in sunlight

Next 2 colors, namely Espresso and Chocolate are dark colors. Espresso is greyish black..I wish it were jet black but it is not. I will use it with black gel eyeliner to make it more opaque and pigmented. The color Chocolate, true to it's name is a chocolaty brown and ideal for defining the crease and outer 'V' area of the eye.
Out of the next 3 colors..Camel is slightly warmer, Sand matches exactly my skintone and doesn't show and Fawn is a tad bit lighter for my skintone. I plan to attempt a no-makeup makeup look using these. Would you like to see me doing that ? Comment below.
The last color in this palette is Blackness which is a child of Black and Brown and good for defining the crease and outer 'V' area of the eyes.

 The verdict- Models Prefer Matte Nudes is an affordable palette which is ideal for creating subtle and defined eye looks. The variety in the shades will cater almost all the skin-tones viz fair, medium and dark. These are non-chalky, decently pigmented, non-irritant, blend-able, silky smooth and last for 4+ hours on primed lids without creasing. Lighter shades need layering to show up but these are workable. I wish there were some warm orange-brown shades too. You can use this palette on its own as well as with other shimmery colors to create a plethora of eye makeup looks. This is 100% recommended.

BFE Rating: 3.9/5

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