Big W Cosmetic Sale Alert - 40% Off Cosmetics - My Haul and my HG Products You Must Check

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Hi everyone,
So I will skip the intro and get straight into the post because time is rushing and there is a huge 40% off sale on all cosmetics / makeup at Big W, Australia.
Big W 40% OFF Cosmetic Sale 2015
Big W 40% OFF Cosmetic Sale 2015

Few days back Priceline also had a similar sale but it was for 2 days only i.e. November 18th and 19th and although it was advertised a lot yet most of the people missed out on this because they had to work on those days.
I made the most out of this sale as I went on both the days and picked up some awesome stuff. I have already shared that on my YouTube channel in a Haul video so make sure you check that out because the products which I bought from there are really amazing and you can try them.
So, Big W announced a similar sale and it was advertised in their brochure too. It started on Thursday, November 26th and will end on Wednesday, December 2nd... So people who work can still manage to check it out when they have a day off because the sale is for an entire week,
Although, out of the all the ones available at Priceline, 4 brands, namely Essence, Bourjois, Savvy and Models Prefer are not available at Big W so you can not buy those in the sale yet you can try some cool stuff from the brands like Face of Australia, Maxfactor, Australis, Maybelline, Lo'real, Rimmel, Revlon Big, Covergirl, Nude by Nature and Big W's very own cosmetic brand 'Boe Professional'.
Big W 40% OFF Cosmetic Sale - Products You Must Check

These are the products that I bought from the Big W 40% off cosmetic sale. Out of these the Australis Make Up Finishing spray was picked from Priceline but this is available at Big W too so I thought of suggesting this too in the same post.
Here is the list of all these products with their discounted prices so you can have an idea about the cost.

1. Australis Contouring & Highlighting Brush: This is one of the softest brushes I have ever bought and cruelty free too. the bristles are made up of nylon and the brush looks ideal for contouring as well as highlighting your face. Full Price $10, Discounted Price - $6
2. Australis Makeup Finishing Spray: This one smells lovely and has rosewater and aloevera, I have used it only once and I felt that it does not work that well as a finishing spray to be honest but it definitely freshens the face up so I like to use it before putting up makeup to prime my face. 
3. Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder: This is such an awesome product that works perfectly for me. I got the shade 'Darkest Brown' from Priceline and another one in the shade 'Medium Tan' from Big W. Darkest Brown is a tad bit lighter for me so I will use to set my under eye concealer/highlighter whereas 'Medium Tan' being the closest match will be ideal to set the rest of my face. Full Price $12.95, Discounted Price- $7.77 
4. Australis Metallix Foiled Eyeshadows: These are gorgeous, incredibly pigmented, cream eyeshadows which set to a beautiful and long lasting finish when you apply these on your eyelids. I got the shades 'Plum Diddy' and 'Gold Gaga'. Full Price-$9.49 , Discounted Price- $5.69
5. Australis Fresh and Flawless Make Up / Foundation: A melt into your skin foundation which is oil-free and fragrance-free ,treats and conceals the blemishes without clogging the pores. This is a great, lightweight foundation for a oily/combination skin and great for everyday wear. I bough the shade 'Medium Tan'. Full Price-$13.95 , Discounted Price- $8.38
6. Australis Velour Lips: These are amazing matte lip creams that are incredibly pigmented and long wearing. I had bought their holiday collections in the 'Brights' and 'Darks' from Priceline Sale and bought the full size of the shade 'Buda-Pash' form their Darks range from Big W. This is my go to lip color these days. Looks gorgeous on medium and tanned skin. Full Price- $10.49, Discounted Price- $6.29
7. Maybelline Colordrama Lipstick-  I bought the shade 'Pink So Chic' in these moisturizing semi-matte kind of lipsticks. This shade is great berry shade for all skintones and ideal for everyday wear. Full Price- $9.95 , Discounted Price-$5.97
8. Face of Australia Nail Polish Remover: I actually picked up 2 of these in Light Green colour is 'Strengthening' and Light Pink which is ' which is 'Moisturizing' because these are super affordable and acetone free. Full Price-$2.95 , Discounted Price- $1.77

9. Face of Australia Gentle Makeup Remover: An oil-free, Paraben free and Fragrence-free gentle makeup remover that does a great job to remove all types of make up. Ideal for sensitive skin too because it is so gentle and soothing. Full Price-$8.75 , Discounted Price-$5.25 
9. Maxfactor Face Infinity All Day Primer: This is one of the best oil controlling primers that I have used. It is an ideal primer for oily and combination skin because it mattifies the skin without drying it out and controls excess oil secretion so your makeup stays in place all day long. Highly recommended. Full Price - $31.95 , Discounted Price - $19.17
10. Boe Super Shine LipstickFull Price- This is exclusive to Big W because it's $8.95 , Discounted Price-$5.37
 I have a separate video on my recommendations from Maybelline too but I had bought those some time back from Priceline. You can watch that to see which products you should check at the sale.

And here is the haul video from my latest Priceline Haul during their 40% off sale. 


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