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I can not stress the importance of good make up brushes for achieving a flawless finish in makeup. One must always invest in good quality brushes because those last like forever. I have been using makeup brushes from Ecotools, Essence and Manicare and all of those have been a pleasure to work with. However, after seeing a lot of youtubers rave about ELF brushes, I decided to buy and review some and considering how inexpensive these are, I was not going to take much risk anyways. I neede a few brushes for the back up when my other brushes are washed and waiting to get dried. Hence, I bought this Total Face Brush from ELF which was available at Kmart here in Australia. Here is how it looks and it's detailed review.
ELF Total Face Brush Review , Pictures and Price
ELF Total Face Brush Review , Pictures and Price

ELF Total Face Brush Review , Pictures and Price
ELF Total Face Brush Review , Pictures and Price

ELF Total Face Brush Review , Pictures and Price
ELF Total Face Brush Review , Pictures and Price

Price: $3 at Kmart , $2 at Guardian Pharmacy, $2 at iherb.com
Product Details: Soft, caressing bristles allow for soothing application of facial and bronzing powders. The Total Face Brush features full, slightly tapered bristles to contour the face and help build gorgeous coverage as needed. Great for quick full-face touch-ups.

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 My Experience with ELF Total Face Brush:

This face brush has small wooden handle which is painted in pearly white color and the brand name and brush type is engraved on the handle itself. It has burgundy colored synthetic hair and a long metallic ferrule. It looks average and inexpensive and is quite heavy so not so travel-friendly I would say.

The size of the brush is somewhat okay for powder application all over the face but it is too big to powder in areas where you need some precision. The top part of the brush is slightly domed in shape and the brush is quite fluffy to look at. It looks dense but does not feel so dense while using it. It powders the entire face quickly because of it's huge size.

Coming down to the bristles, I would say that these are the cheapest quality bristles that I have seen in a makeup brush till date. The company describe the bristles as 'soft' in the description but I would call those 'harsh'. My skin felt literally getting scratched while using this brush on my face. These are worse than that are in a paint/craft brush and are so so harsh on the skin. It seriously hurts the skin during application and wastes a lot of product. If I use it on a pressed powder, it creates so many fall outs and the product gets all over the place. I can see harsh lines all over my face when I use it to apply the powder. It blends poorly and wastes a lot of product. I am very disappointed with this brush because it is worse than the ones you get at eBay. I washed it for 2-3 times using my my trusted method of cleaning, conditioning and disinfecting the makeup brushes but it shed a lot of hair during that. I had hoped that washing might make the bristles a little soft but I was wrong to think that. It became even harsher and more stiff. I can see the brush hair all over my face when I use this brush. 

Overall, I would say that even though it's inexpensive,  yet it is not worth your money. It brings no pleasure to the skin and gives only pain. It scratches the skin and does not blend the powder seamlessly. I don't know why people rave so much about ELF brushes because I have not been able to find anything worth the praise in this. May be, ELF is not consistent with their products and the same kind of brushes might be different from one another. I had bought a couple of other brushes too from ELF and I have not used those yet. Let's see if my opinion changes in future. Keep following my blog to know if it does.

Given below are some quick positive and negative points about this brush:


  1. It's inexpensive
  2. Easily available
  1. Heavy and not so travel friedly
  2. Looks cheap
  3. Sheds a lot of hair
  4. Wastes a lot of product and creates a mess
  5. Poor blend-ability
  6. Harsh and scratchy on the skin

'Go for it' or 'No for it':
Save your money to invest in something better or buy it only if you don't have a better choice. Else, spare your skin. I will neither recommend this nor repurchase this particular brush from ELF ever.

BFE Rating: 0.5/5

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