St Ives Soothing Oatmeal And Shea Butter Lotion - Review and Swatches

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Hi everyone !!
Today I am going to review a body lotion which has been a saviour for me for last one year when my skin went through harsh effects of hormonal changes and climate changes and did not behave itself. 

The body moisturizer to be reviewed today is St Ives Soothing Oatmeal and Shea Butter Advanced Body Moisturizer 

Price: INR 1300, AUD 14 ( prices vary across online sites and offline stores)
Available at:, eBay, offline pharmacies in Australia, Walmart, Target etc.
Ingredients and Directions to use:

My experience with 'St Ives Soothing Oat Meal And Shea Butter Body Moisturizer':

Packaging: It comes in an opaque white coloured flat rectangular plastic bottle which is sturdy and has a pump dispenser. Opacity of the bottle ensures protection of the contents from damaging rays of sunlight but at the same time one can not track the amount of product left at a given time. The pump dispenser is convenient to use; dispenses just the right amount of product in one pump and can be locked during travel so it's spill-proof and travel-friendly. The only thing that I disliked in the packaging was the amount of product which remains left in the corners of the bottle and does not come out through the dispenser. One has to open up the pump dispenser in order to use every bit of the product which otherwise would go waste. Also, the opening of the pump gets clogged with the dried up product.

Fragrance: St Ives body moisturizer has a strong smell which fades away gradually. I like fragrant products so I am okay with it. It might offend some sensitive noses though.

Consistency: It has a thick consistency which looks more like a cream and less like a lotion. It is not runny at all and retains shape against gravity. I love it's consistency because it makes me trust it's efficacy to treat serious dryness on the skin.

Formula: Despite of having thick consistency, the formula feels light weight on the skin and it just spreads so easily and gets absorbed fully leaving no traces behind. The result is instantly smoothened and hydrated better looking skin. It's appropriate for this hot and dry summer when skin tends to become flaky because of dryness and feels irritated. It instantly relieves the skin from itchiness and redness and gives a cooling effect.

Effectiveness: It's very effective for dryness, redness and itching. I have used it during my pregnancy when skin gets stretched a lot and you get really bad itching and the urge to scratch the skin on your tummy which ultimately leads to ugly stretch marks. Trust me, it was a saviour for me. I used to sleep with this bottle alongside my bed so that it was always within my reach. I got no stretch marks post delivery also and my skin is super clear.
Stickiness: Despite of being quite moisturising, it does not feel sticky at all. My skin drinks it all up and looks rejuvenated within seconds. I used it on my hands when I ran out of my favourite Hand cream and it performed so well. I could work on my iPad and laptop without having any stickiness on my fingers.

Absorbability: It gets absorbed in seconds. Just spread it on your skin, massage gentle and it disappears.

Staying power: It stays on for a long time. I need to apply it twice a day- after bath and before bed and I am good to go. It leaves the hands look nourished even after you have washed them
 1-2 times. It does last through hand-washes. However if you need to wash your hands with harsh antiseptic soaps/hand-washes then I would suggest reapplication to keep them hydrated. 

Overall, I would say that it has become my HG body lotion which is affordable, effective, cooling, soothing, hydrating, relieves from redness and itching and makes the appearance of the skin much much better from the first use. It's treats deep down epidermis and has a long lasting effect rather than mere superficial oiliness.
Given below are some yays and nays about St. Ives Soothing Shea Butter 
and Oatmeal Body Moisturizer

1. Affordable 
2. Convenient to use packaging
3. Pump dispenser is really good 
4. Can be locked during travel
5. Thick consistency 
6. Blends really well 
7. Disappears when blended
8. Feels light weight 
9. Soothing
10. Cooling
11. Protecting and Moisturising
12. Last through hand washes 
13. Suitable for entire body 
14. Heels from within 
15. Improves appearance of the skin instantly 
16. Free from parabens and other nasties


'Go for it' OR 'No for it':
Definitely go for it because this will be the best investment in a skincare product and worth every penny. I highly recommend this to everyone who yearns for lovely skin and myself will repurchase over and over again.

BFE Rating: 4.9/5

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