Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening UV Day Creme With SPF 15 PA++ Review

5/14/2015 Ritu Goyal 0 Comments

Hello my lovely readers !!
How has this summer been treating you ?
I am trying to stay at home for most of the time and enjoying self-pampering and online shopping ;)

Trying out new products for you all and taking care of my super sweet cupcake ^_^

Few days back, I bought quite a lot of stuff from during a massive sale. The product which I am going to review in this post is also from the same shopping haul.

It's Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening UV Day Creme With SPF 15 PA++'

Have a look: 

Though it's a fairness/whitening creme yet I did not buy it for that very purpose of making my skin fair because I have studied genetics in depth and I know that skin colour can never be changed because your DNA decides it and moreover I love the skin I am in O:)
(Keen to know more about me ? Check about section)

Then why did I buy it ? 
I bought it for it's cute and expensive looking packaging (I bet you also do this at times ;)) and for the fact that it was on discount :P 
Apart from these two reasons, the word "radiance" caught my attention because my skin was not really behaving well due to hormonal changes post delivery so I really wanted to try some easy to use product.


Price: Rs. 249 for 30 ml (available online on discounted price)
Shelf Life: 24 months
Availability: Across various stores across country,, and


It contains Ascorbic Acid which is a trivial name for Vitamin C. We all have been using Lemon juice and orange juice, which are rich sources of vitamin C, as a natural bleach due to their lightening properties so company claims about the de-tanning action can be believed to some extent. What do you reckon ?

Product Description and Claims:
Recommended by Lakme Salon Professionals. 
De-tanning with Skin lightening Vitamins, give you fair looking skin.
SPF 15 fights UVB damage and PA++ protests from UVA damage.
Skin polishing action with dead cells removal, gives you that glow you love.
Freedom from tanning and dullness.

How to use: Gently massage with circular movements, every morning over cleansed face.
Packaging: Lakme perfect radiance day creme comes in a sleek cylinderical bottle which is off white in colour and opaque. Vitamin C tends to lose it's properties due to the action of light so opacity of the bottle helps to prevent that. I prefer it over clear transparent glass tub packagings. The bottle has a clear cap and a pump dispenser to release the product. The cap tends to loose with regular use and keeps coming off in the handbag. However the secure pump doesn't allow any creme to leak out so it's travel friendly. Pump dispenser is hygienic to use and dispenses the right amount of product and can be twisted to open to use every bit of the product. 

My Experience With Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Creme With SPF 15 :
This is a liquid product which has a medium consistency and is thicker than a typical lotion and thinner than a cream.

 It is a white coloured, light weight creme which blends really well into the skin, feels hydrating while getting blended and mattifies when fully absorbed.

 I like how fast it gets absorbed by my skin. It leaves no white cast, neither feels heavy nor sticky and gives a matte effect to the skin. 

It does brighten up my oily-combination skin instantly and makes it look and feel fresh

It has a strong scent which also fades away after some time. 

The matte effect lasts for only 3-4 hours on my oily T-zone and slightly longer on my dry C-zone.

It's good to be used on days when you don't want to wear any foundation and just a day cream. It's matte effect can be prolonged by applying a compact powder or loose powder depending upon the amount of coverage you need.

Teenage girls who are skeptical about using makeup on their face yet want to look fresh and shine free in summers might like it.

People with dry skin can try it by using a moisturiser underneath this creme from Lakme because otherwise it can make their skin feel stretched and dry.

Things which did disappoint me about this day creme from Lakme were mainly false claims made by the company about it's de-tanning, dead cell removal, fairness and spot lightening action.

It does nothing for dark spots and dead cells. My skin felt bright for only a short while and that too was superficial and not from within. 

SPF 15 is not sufficient unless you carry an umbrella. It would have been better if it was SPF 30 or more. I do have to use a  sunscreen separately before stepping out and that means layering of products in sticky humid summer season. 

Here is a quick list of some pros and cons of Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Creme With SPF 15

1. Easily available and affordable 
2. Convenient , travel friendly packaging 
3. Light weight non sticky formula
4. Mattifies oily and shiny skin
5. Gives instant brightening effect 
6. Blends well into the skin 
7. Leaves no white cast
8. Non-drying
9. Did not break me out

1. Brightening effect lasts for a short while
2. Did not do any good to texture of my skin
3. Mattifies for only 3-4 hours
4. Claims about spot lightening and fairness are false
5. SPF 15 is not sufficient
6. Not meant for dry skin
7. Contains parabens
8. Contains alcohol

'Go for it' or 'No for it':
It depends upon what actually are you looking for in this day creme from Lakme. For me it's a No because it formula is good to be used in summers but insufficient SPF demands for layering it with more products which can give adequate sun protection. I like to use minimal products on my skin in summers. 

BFE Rating: 2.5/5

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