11 Awesome Things You Can Do With A White Eyeliner

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I have always been a huge fan of black eyeliners but for last few months I have started to feel inclined towards white eyeliners also. Considering their versatility, these are a must have because these are real space savers and you can just pop one in your handbag and forget about 8-10 other makeup items because a white eyeliner only can do their jobs quite well. 
So, in this post I am going to share my top 11 ways to use a white eyeliner. 
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How to use a white eyeliner in 11 different ways :

1.Brow bone: Apply some white eyeliner right under the arched part of your eyebrow, where you brow bone is there and soften it with your clean finger to get that lifted arch look for your eyebrows. Highlighting brow bone makes your eyes stand out.

2.Eyeshadow base: Can't seem to find Nyx Jumbo pencil in milk ? Trust me !! You don't even need to. My Lakme white eyeliner does an equally decent job for me. Just apply some white eyeliner like Lakme eyeconic white eyeliner on your eyelid and blend gently. On top of that, apply your favourite eyeshadow to make the colour pop. It will also increase the wear time of the eyeshadow.

3. As an eyeshadow: A white eyeliner can also be used as an eyeshadow on its own. Just apply small strokes of your favourite white eyeliner on your eyelid and blend it towards your crease area with your fingers or a blending brush. It will look like you have a pearly white eyeshadow on. White brightens up your eyes.

4.Highlighter: Highlighting gives a definition to your face by making your best features stand out. Just draw a straight line starting from the middle of your eyebrow down the bridge of your nose with a white eyeliner and blend it with your finger. It will make your nose look thinner because highlighted ares of the face reflect light. You can also highlight your cheek bones in the same way.

5.Lip plumper: Apply some white eyeliner on your Cupid's bow ( a 'V' shape in the middle of your upper lip) and blend it gently with your fingers. It will highlight that area and make your lips look fuller in no time.

6. Eyeliner: Now this one is obvious because it's actually an eyeliner but I had to jot it down. Just apply it like your favourite black eyeliner and see the difference. It can be used alone as well as along with a contrasting black eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

7. Water line: Run a creamy white pencil eyeliner along your water line to make your eyes appear bigger.

8. Inner Corner of the eyes: Make a small dot on the inner corner of your eyes with your white eyeliner and dab it with your finger to soften it for more radiant, fresh and brighter eyes.

9. Concealer: Has a mole or dark spot been bothering you lately ? Try concealing it with some matt white cream based eyeliner and then apply your foundation. It does work.

10. Lip base: Line your lips and fill them in with a matt creamy white eyeliner and then apply your lipstick. It will make the lipstick colour pop and also increase it's wear time. This tip comes 
handy when you don't have a matching lip liner to pair your lipstick with.

11. Ombré lips: Can't seem to get enough of the ombré trend ? Try ombré lips then. Apply a white eyeliner in the middle part of your upper and lower lip, blend and apply your favourite lipstick. It will make the lipstick colour lighter in the middle and darker towards the periphery which is a great ombré effect. It will also make your lips appear fuller.

These are my top 11 ways to use a white eyeliner pencil. It's definitely a multitasking makeup item and saves you a lot of space in your vanity as well as a lot of bucks in your wallet. 

Don't forget to share in the comments if you any other way to use white eyeliner pencil.

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