Essence Smokey Eye Brush Review, Price And Images - An Affordable Blending Brush

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Hello my beauties,
Few days back, I had shared my shopping haul from the brand Essence which is a European drugstore brand of makeup cosmetics. Essence is a really affordable brand with a huge array of all sorts of makeup products which never fail to impress because of their high quality for a very low price.

In this post, I am going to review an eye makeup brush from the same Essence shopping haul  of mine.

This is Essence Smokey Eye Brush.
Have a look:

Price: $2.55 / INR 149
Availability: Priceline, Target, Flipkart etc.

Packaging: This smoky eye brush from Essence comes packed in a transparent cover which is very convenient to open and close. Inside the cover, there is all the required information along with usage instructions printed on a stiff paper. People who are novice in eye makeup will find it to be of great help.

Appearance and Structural details: This brush is really cute to look at because of its purple coloured bristles. I like its matt black plastic handle which is non-slippery and gives a good grip. The length of this brush handle is appropriate and allows me to have a nice control during use. Use of plastic material in the handle makes it light weight so it does not add extra weight to my vanity. I hate some of my makeup brushes which have wooden handle and thus are heavy and I am always reluctant to carry those along during travel.

Bristles: This smoky eye brush from Essence has a dome shape and really soft bristles. These are not as soft as my Ecotools brushes but definitely softer than my manicare and ELF brushes. The bristles are quite dense so they deposit the product exactly where it's required without spreading it all over and creating a mess. 

Performance during use: This brush is smaller than a typical blending brush but it makes it ideal to smoke out harsh lines. I love how beautifully it blends out creamy pencil eyeliners along with powder as well as cream eye shadows.

How do I use it: I use this brush to darken the outer V area and to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and it does both the jobs beautifully. It also comes handy to apply eyeshadow in the crease area. I sometimes skip applying any eyeshadow and just create a soft smokey kohled eye look with this brush. I have even used it to contour my nose and it did a good job every time. It can replace a pencil brush also because it's dome shaped dense bristles do the job equally well. It is definitely a multi-tasking brush.

Durability: I have been using this brush for a long time now and it's same as before. I haven't experienced any shedding of it's hair so far.

Cleaning: I did clean it for a few times and it stayed almost the same. I had expected the purple colour to bleed but I did not notice anything like that. The bristles also stayed soft as before post washing.

I have summarised some pros and cons of this smokey eye brush from essence below:

1. Affordable and Easily Available
2. Light weight
3. Soft bristles 
4. Blends like a dream
5. Multitasker
6. Ideal for smoky eye
7. Durable 
8. No shedding of hair
9. Gives good grip
10. Survives frequent washes 

None that I can think of.

BFE Rating: 4.9/5

'Go for it' or 'No for it':
Definitely go for it and grab this baby before it goes out of stock. I am going to buy at least 4 more. It's a value for money product.

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