How to wash the face, 7 steps towards youthful, radiant andproblem-free skin

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We all wash our face everyday to remove the dirt and excesss oil from our facial skin. But many of us don't know the correct way to wash the face. People complaining about skin problems are often the ones who are not correctly washing their face which leads them to the development of more skin issues like patchy skin, acne, blackheads, white heads etc. In this post I am going to talk about the key steps to wash or cleanse the face.
How to wash the face
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7 Steps to cleanse the face:

1. Clean hands and nails first : It's very important to clean the hands before starting to wash the face. Dirty nails are breeding ground for so many bacteria. If you are using dirty hands to wash the face then you are transferring many of those bacteria and other germs from your hands and nails to your facial skin which will cause skin infection and hence pimples. Always clean your hand and nails thoroughly before cleaning your face.

2. Remove Makeup : Its very important to remove makeup before you wash your face. Use a makeup remover depending upon the type of makeup you are wearing. Waterproof makeup is comparatively tough to remove as compared to regular non-waterproof makeup. You can use a baby oil, an alcohol free wet wipe or a makeup remover which is specifically made to remove waterproof makeup. Don't forget to remove eye makeup because it can get into your eyes when you will wash your face and cause redness and irritation. Waterproof mascara along with cream and gel- eyeliners take much effort to be removed. Be gentle so as not to damage the sensitive skin around your eyes.

3. Wet your face with lukewarm water: After you have removed makeup, it's time to wet the face with lukewarm water. It's extremely important to use water that is moderately hot because if too hot it can wash the natural oils from your skin and make it look dull and dry. Similarly water which is too cold can make it difficult to wash the dirt and oil from your pores thereby giving you nasty blackheads along with ugly and exaggerated pores. Lukewarm water will wash the dirt and oil without giving you a dry skin.

4. Use a face wash/ face cleanser: Take a dime size amount of your favourite cleanser and rub it between your hands and apply it on your cheeks in upwards and outwards direction for atleast 30 seconds- 1 minute. Be very gentle and don't apply too much pressure on your skin while applying cleanser because it can damage the sensitive facial skin and can lead to wrinkles over time. Make sure to cleanse every part of your face and neck including sides of your face, temporal areas, chin, nose, around the nose and hairline because often these are the areas which get ignored and hence become more prone to acne. Also with time, these areas if neglected develop layers of dead skin which makes the makeup application patchy. Also, never use body wash and body soap to clean the face because facial skin is more delicate than your body and needs a gentle cleansing agent.

 5. Scrub: After you have removed the oil, makeup and superficial dirt from your face in the above explained steps, it's time to clean the debris lying deep down in the pores of your skin. By now, due to lukewarm water and cleansing, your pores have become soft and it's easy to remove the dirt, oil and makeup remains which clog the pores. Pores don't open and close. These only become more visible when enlarged due to accumulation of debris and it leads to production of black heads and white heads. To keep away all these skin problems, regular scrubbing is a must. Now, you don't end to scrub everytime you wash/cleanse your face as excessive scrubbing can rip off the delicate epidermis. For normal skin, scrub 2-3 times a week and for sensitive skin scrub atleast once a week and don't forget to choose your scrub according to your skin type.

6. Toner: A toner is used to bring the pH level of skin back to normal. It gives a fresh and cooling effect along with completing the process of cleansing. It cleans any oils and dirt that might have stayed after cleansing and scrubbing. A toner does not close the pores as most of people say. However it can make them less visible for some time. Always use an alcohol-free toner. Take a cotton ball and put a few drops of a mild toner and gently wipe the face. You can also use natural toners like rose water and cucumber juice.

7. Moisturiser: The last step in the process of face cleansing is to moisturize. Face wash, scrub and toner have washed off the natural oils of your skin to some extent and your skin feels deprived of moisture so using a moisturiser according to your skin type will help it restore the same. Use oil free and water based moisturiser for oily skin, lotion type oil based moisturisers for normal skin and cream type heavy moisturisers for dry skin. Just take a small amount of your favourite moisturiser and apply it gently on your skin by padding it. Rubbing it between your hands helps to warm it up and thus makes it's absorption easier. 

With this I make sure that I have covered pretty much everything about face cleansing. Although moisturisation is another thing and people often don't include it in the process of face wash yet I have included it because it's the step that I will always follow after washing my face. If you stick to these basic tips then you will notice a significant change in the appearance of your skin. Wash your face twice a day. I prefer to wash my face in the morning to get rid off the excess oil that my skin produces over the night and in the evening when I return home from outside to wash the dirt, dust, makeup and oils off. 

Don't forget to share your tips with me in the comments below.

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