Top 7 Tips To Have Beautiful Arms in Summers

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It's April and summers have finally knocked the door and it's time to rock those sexy and comfy sleeveless dresses and flaunt those gorgeous arms which have been well taken care of. It does not look good if you have a pretty face which has been paid all your attention but arms which have totally been neglected. After all, it's your arms that reveal the most after your face and neck and go through the same torture through which your face does in scorching heat during summers.

Here I am going to share my top 7 easy tips which are super effective to make the arms soft, smooth, even and healthy looking.

1. Scrub regularly: Just like our face, our arms need exfoliation too. The dull looking arms are mostly due to the layer of dead skin that accumulated over and over with time if not coasted off on a regular basis. You can do this 3-4 times a week. To scrub the arms, one should use a heavy duty scrub because skin of the arms is thicker than facial skin and a very gentle scrub won't be of much help. You can use readymade scrubs or make your own by mixing gram flour, milk-cream and olive oil. Just take some scrub and rub it on your arms in circular motion in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. It will help you to get rid of dry and flaky dead skin leaving you will softer and even looking arms.

2. Use a Loofa or Body Brush while Bathing: Using a body scrubber/brush or a loofa in shower helps you exfoliate dead skin and dirt on a daily basis and saves your time also. If you want to result before even buying yourself a loofa then you can also try using an old sock. Just take an old sock and put your soap bar in it ( or use liquid body wash) and use it to clean your arms making sure that you scrub your elbows too. Cleaning merely with hands and soap removes only superficial dirt and does not ensure thorough cleaning of the arms.

3. Use sunscreen: Harmful UV rays from sun have the most damaging effect on our skin. Not using a sunscreen results in tanned arms and dark patches. Sun rays not only cause dark patches but also adversely affect the texture of skin and make it rough. So never forget to use a heavy duty sunscreen which has SPF 40 or more on your arms before stepping out in the sun. And remember that the effect of sunscreens lasts for a limited time so you have to reapply it at regular intervals to ensure maximum protection from sun. 

4. Steer away from razors: Avoid using razors if you want to have soft, smooth and healthy arms. Use of razors results in making your skin rough due to friction caused by dragging the razor blade on your arms. It also makes hair on the arms become much thicker and grow much faster. 

5. Say No to chemical hair-removers: Hair removing creams and lotions have nasty chemicals which make your skin dark, dull and dry. They also cause burning sensation and have unbearable smell that feels offensive to the nose. Regular use of such creams and lotions results in making your arms much darker in colour. Not only this but it also makes your hair thicker and grow more rapidly.

6. Wax regularly: Waxing is the best way to keep your arms hair-free and smooth. It might be painful for some people but then who says that beauty comes for free. Regular waxing keeps your arms hair-free for a much longer time. It feels painful only initially and the intensity of pain decreases as you get used to it. Seek a good salon where you can find trained staff to wax your arms because skilful and experienced people make you feel less pain durning waxing. 

7. Moisturise: Moisturise your arms twice daily to keep them soft, smooth and healthy. The ideal time to moisturise the arms is after bath and before going to bed. Your arms need moisture not only in winters but in summers too. You can use moisturisers with aloevera and cucumber extracts which have a cooling effect and are ideal to be used in summers because they are light weight and hence less sticky.
You will notice a visible difference in the appearance of your arms after following these tips. Let me know in the comments if you try these. Do you know any other tip to take care of the arms ? Share with me if you do.

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hey dear, nice tips :)
we spend soo much time taking care of our face and hair that often forget about our poor hands and feet:)

Unknown said...

Thanks dear Swati.. Glad to meet you here.
It looks really weird when we have well made up face with layers of products on but our arms look patchy, dry or tanned so I thought of helping my buds with this post :)

Nice. Please also post some valuable tips for removing skin tans

Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping a comment and appreciating the post dear ... Anti-tan easy home remedy coming up soon... Stay tuned :)

Unknown said...

Thanks dear Swati.. Glad to meet you here.
It looks really weird when we have well made up face with layers of products on but our arms look patchy, dry or tanned so I thought of helping my buds with this post :)

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