Top 7 Easy Tips to Make A Chubby Face Look Slimmer

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An oval face is considered to be the best out of all. However, not everyone is blessed with a face with oval shape on which almost everything looks flattering. If you also are one of those whose face is more on broader side than being elongated and oval then worry not my girl. I am here to rescue you with my tried and tested tips which will surely help you to add length to your face and make it look slimmer.

Top 7 tips to make a round face look oval:

1. Wear a poof: You can change your face shape to a great extent by doing small changes in your hairstyle. Wearing a nice poof will add length to your face. Height of the poof is another factor that will help you to achieve a balanced look. Avoid making a very high poof that looks odd on your face because it will scream for attention and will be very easily noticeable. Here the idea is to make your entire face look oval and perfectly balanced. To achieve the perfect poof which is ideal for your face in terms of size, you grab a section of hair from the front part of your hair and back-comb or tease it and then try to adjust it at different heights to know which one looks the best on you and pin it right there. You can practise this at home before some party and get to know the ideal and most flattering poof for your face shape.

2. Prefer layered haircuts with straight hair shoulder length or longer: People with a rounder face must have a repelling hand for hairstyles with shirt hair. By short hair, I mean which fail to ranch your shoulders. Hairstyles like blunt cut, graduation cut and bob-cut are not meant fir you ss they will only make your face look broader and fatter. Instead of these hairstyles, choose layered hairstyles with shoulder length of more than that. Sleek and straight hair will help you to slim down your face whereas curls will add width to your face. Ask your hairstylist to keep these things in mind while giving you a make over and you yourself will notice the difference in your face shape.

3. Long slender earrings or the ones which are oval/egg shaped: Type of jewellery that we wear plays a crucial role in deciding our overall look. Earrings play the most important role out of all the jewellery items in deciding your face shape. Long slender thread like earrings will give your face an illusion of being long and oval. Large sized egg shaped loops will also look great on you and make your face look thinner. Oval and egg shaped earrings will also help to cut down some width from your face and help you to look your best. Earring which you should stay away from are the ones which are very broad in size as those will make your face look more wider.

4. Arched eyebrows: Just like hairstyle plays the most importan role in your facial look, eyebrows are also very crucial for the same reason. Eyebrows frame your face and can help to being out the best out of your face if maintained in the best suitable shape according to your face size and shape. Eyebrows which are arched will help your face to look longer and slimmer instead of the eyebrows which are straight or rounder in shape. Arched eyebrows will give your face the illusion of being longer .

5. Wear V neck lines avoid round and square ones: Neck lines of the clothes that you wear can have significant effect on how your face looks. Necklines like square or round are a big NO for you because those will not help you in anyway to make your face appear slimmer. Instead, V-necklines will add length to your face and make it look more oval. If you want to wear square or round necks for any reason then wearing a slender chain with a pendent will help you to some extent.

6. Use bronzer on the sides of your face: Using a dark coloured cream or powder bronzer on the sides of your cheeks will create a darker shadow and will slim down your face instantly. However don't go over the board with bronzer because it will be noticeable easily and will look fake. Apply it only at places where you need some depth instead of taking it to places. And ways use a matt bronzer because bronzers which have shimmer particles will highlight more and only worsen the condition.light when falls on shimmer particles makes those shine and thus noticeable.

7. Use Highlighter: Highlighter is a cream or powder product which is significantly lighter than your skintone and helps to highlight the areas of yor face where you want attention. It makes the light reflect and hence stands out on the face. Apply a highlighter on the parts of your face which come under an invisible line drawn vertically downwards from the centre of your face towards your chin. It will bring about an instant change in the appearance of your face by making it narrower. Always apply a highlighter in the center of your forehead, down the bridge of your nose , Cupid's bow and chin so give an elongated effect to your face.
These are my top 7 tips that always work no matter what. Use these tips to make your face look thinner and longer.
Do you know any other tip ? Share with me in the comments below.

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