5 Things You Must Do To Look Younger Than You Are

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Who does not love to look younger ? We all do. Markets are flooded with anti-ageing products which claim to ditch the natural process of ageing. Most of them are expensive and we do question their efficiency too. However you can still look younger than your age if you play it smart by paying attention to the following points:

1. Maintain Thicker Eyebrows : We all know that with age, our eyebrows tend to become sparse by losing hair. It means a person younger in age has fuller eye brows. Therefore if you maintain thicker eyebrows and fill those in with the right colour then you can look a couple of years younger than your actual age. Don't over-pluck or over-thread your eyebrows and if you already have thin eyebrows then fill those in with a colour one shade lighter than your hair colour for a more fuller and natural look.

2. Maintain Short hair: Short hair help to subtract a few years from your actual age and make you look younger. Try to choose a haircut according to your face cut and maintain your hair short. If you remember Mandira Bedi from the famous daily soap 'Shanti' telecasted on DD National then you will surely get what I am trying to say. She had big voluminous curls when she was quite young but she switched to short hair when
 she still wanted to look young when in actual she was not so young.

3. Prefer Straight Hair Over Curls: Straight hair make you look younger as compared to curly hair. This owes to the fact that with ageing our hair lose their strength and proteins with which hair are made up of undergo a process of degeneration so hair tend to become wavy. If such hair are not paid optimum attention then these turn to excessively curly hair. Therefore it means that an individual younger in age will more likely have hair straighter than the one who is older. This implies that preferring straight hair over curls or waves will help you look younger than your age.

4. Try to keep the hair loose: Hairstyle is such an important part of an individual's overall look that I can't stress it enough. Avoid tying your hair in buns and braids. Lose hair or half tied hair or pony tails give a much younger look as compared to buns. However messy braids do help to look younger. 

5. Wear clothes that fit you properly: Wearing dark coloured and properly fitted clothes definitely make a person look much younger than her age. When I say properly fitted, I mean clothes which are neither too loose nor too tight. Over sized clothes add extra inches to your body and make you look obese and thus older than you are. On the other hand tighter clothes make you feel uncomfortable and highlight problematic areas of your body.

These are my top 5 easy to follow tips which will definitely make you look younger. Try these and see the difference. Do you know any other tip ? Do share with me in the comments below.

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