Modern Intricate Henna Strip Design - Tutorial

4/13/2015 Unknown 0 Comments

Henna/Mehndi has always been a source of sheer joy for me. I don't wait for any occasion or festival to do henna on my hands. I just do it whenever I like and see myself much happier when I have created a beautiful design.
 Just recently I happened to create a new henna design which was modern with intricate pattern inspired by Rajasthani/Marwari henna designs. Because it does not cover the palm completely so it has got Arabic touch to itself and being in the form of a strip, it's trendy at the same time. I could not resist myself from sharing it. Here it is:

 Although,it looks a very complex and fine work of art yet it's easy to recreate this design because it involves repetition of only one motif which again includes only small straight lines and curves. 
If you have a good henna cone filled with a nicely whipped and consistently flowing henna paste then you can draw this in less than 15 minutes. 
(Click here to learn how to roll a henna cone and here to learn how to make henna paste at home.)
Description of the design : The main motif of this design contains a big dot outlined with a curvy line which again has a parallel curve surrounding itself and is filled with small and straight closely placed parallel lines. Once you have placed these motifs adjacent to one another in one row then you shift to the next row by placing new motifs taking 'V' shape as the base. 
Isn't it easy ? No ? Then watch this to learn exactly how it's done.

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