Essence Lipstick 'Shade No. 60 Cutie Mac Cute' Review And Swatches

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Essence Lipstick - 'No. 60 Cutie Mac Cute' Review And Swatches

My second favourite makeup item after kohl (and eyeliners also) is Lipstick. Lipsticks are available in huge variety of colours, textures and finish. You can change a makeup look completely by pairing it up with a different lipstick and may be that's why these are loved by every makeup junkie and one can never have enough of these. 

Few months back I was shopping at a 'Priceline' store in Melbourne where I got to know about a massive sale going on a number of makeup brands. Essence was one of those. There I picked up a couple of products and the lipstick that I am going to review in this post.

 I am not a fan of glittery and very glossy lipsticks but I really wanted to try some lipsticks from the brand Essence and I was not lucky enough to get any non-glittery shade out of all the 10 shades of this range because those were all sold out and only the testers were there. So I was only left with glittery shades to pick from and I really wanted to try the Essence Lipstick so I went ahead and picked up this glittery shade. 

Price : $2.99 in Australia
Availability : Priceline, Ulta 
Ingredients : Not mentioned on packaging but can be found at

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a small, round and light weight tube which is colour coordinated with the lipstick shade so it is easy to locate it in your makeup cache. Although it's light weight yet it's quite sturdy so it's travel friendly also. There is a clear plastic see-through band in the middle of this Essence lipstick tube which has the brand name and logo written on it which comes off very easily and makes the packaging look cheap. The lipstick bullet is visible through the clear band so it becomes even easier to see the colour without opening the lipstick cover. It also has a shade no.60 and shade name 'Cutie Mac Cute' written on a sticker which is pasted at the base of lipstick tube. I love my lipsticks to have shade names. People can have mixed opinions about its packaging but I am ok with it.

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Detailed Review of Essence Lipstick 'Cutie Mac Cute':
Colour Description: This lipstick 'Cutie Mac Cute' from Essence is a frosty pale pink colour which has purple undertones and looks silvery-lilac sort of a colour in artificial light on my lips. This lipstick looks quite glittery in the tube but actually isn't that glittery on the lips. It looks more on the glossy side with a pearl finish on the lips. The glitter if present is very fine and not chunky. 


Texture: It is very creamy and glides on very smoothly on my lips. It's soft and quite moisturising. I don't need to use any lip balm or petroleum jelly underneath this lipstick. It applies on very smoothly and does not tug or pull the lips and keeps those hydrated. However, being over moisturising it does not give you a clear outline on the lips if you use it alone without a lip liner and also tends to go into the creases and fine lines on the lips but does not settle there.

Pigmentation: This lipstick shade 'Cutie Mac Cute' has failed to score any marks in the pigmentation. It is a very sheer and transparent lipstick which gives little or almost zero coverage to the pigmented lips. I tried to build the shade but it did not work. It makes my lips look so greyish as if those have been poisoned. It is a wrong shade for people with brown skin but it might suit teenager girls who are beginning to try some makeup and have porcelain white cool toned skin. It is enough to give them a wash of frosty pink colour with added shine. This shade will disappoint people like me with medium or dark skin tone because it makes me look so washed out and ghost-like. It might look tolerable if used with a pigmented lipliner of similar colour underneath this lipstick but I have not tried it that way. Have you ? Let me know.


Staying Power: This lipstick being creamy, stays for only 2-3 hours on maximum. It transfers to glasses and is not at all kiss proof. I hate the way it wears off leaving my lips bare with silvery white lines. It might stay longer with a lipliner used underneath though.

Fragrance: This frosty pink shade of lipstick from Essence has got a very pleasant and mild fragrance which fades away quickly after applying it on lips.

How to Remove: Being a creamy lipstick, it comes off with just one swipe of a dry cotton ball leaving some traces behind. However to remove it completely a drop of cleansing milk is enough.

1. Super Affordable
2. Easily Available
3. Colour Coordinated Packaging
4. Light Weight
5. Moisturising
6. Smooth to apply
7. Might suit fair skinned people

1. Frosty shade 
2. Poorly pigmented
3. Transferable 
4. Not long lasting
'Go for it' OR 'No for it':
I will give this a 'No for it' because I have medium and warm skin tone and pigmented lips. It's not my shade. I will try to use it by pairing it up with some appropriate lip liner and if it does not work that way also then I might just not use it.

On the contrary, people with extremely fair cool toned skin might find it a good shade to try because it might look quite flattering on those. Considering it's extremely low price it certainly can be given a try. I will surely try some other shade from this range for its affordability and moisturising creamy texture.

BFE Rating: 1.5/5

Have you tried any lipstick from Essence yet ? Let me know in the comments below.

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