10 Things To Carry Along While Going to A Beauty Parlour

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We all visit salons , spas and beauty parlours on a regular basis to maintain our body, hair and skin and also feel good about ourselves at the same time. Everybody goes to parlours to get waxing, threading, facial, bleach, hair colour and haircut done in order to stay well-groomed all the time. However, sometimes instead of making things better we rather make those worse by not paying attention to basic measures of hygiene. Not only average but expensive and branded salons also take hygiene for granted. Just imagine, how would you feel when you pay around ₹2500 for a facial but instead of getting glow on skin you get pimples ? Or you go to get a nice haircut and come back with fungal dandruff in your head ?

Nobody will ever want that to happen but even then it does happen. 

I have made a checklist of certain must have things which you should always carry with you while going to a salon or beauty parlour. Now, you don't need to carry all the stuff listed below and instead carry only those articles which you will be requiring there. For example, if you are going to get threading done, then you won't need a gown there. If you carry these things with you and play smart then you can stay safe.

Top 10 things to keep while going to salon/beauty-parlour:

1.Comb: Never forget to carry your own clean comb with you. I have seen extremely dirty combs even in branded and pricey salons. Due to negligence and rush of customers, salon people don't really change the combs for different clients and give you dandruff and itchy scalp like problems. Sets of different types combs and hair brushes are easily available and affordable too. Just get one and carry it with you when you visit the salon. Buy here 

2.Sponge: Beauticians use a piece of sponge to wipe your face when they provide you services like bleach, facial, massage or cleansing and that use same sponge to clean the skin of so many clients and ultimately turn that sponge into a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. To avoid breakouts and other skin allergies after you have a facial, prefer carrying your own cellulose based soft sponge to the salon or beauty parlour. Buy here

3.Gown: A comfortable sleeveless and loose fitting gown is what you need during waxing, body bleach, body polishing and may be facial and back massage too. It not only protects your clothes from getting messed up in the parlour but also makes you feel comfortable. Carrying your own clean gown will prevent you from chances of any skin allergies, itching or infection that can happen if you wear a gown which has already been worn by so many people.

4.Towel: A hand towel and face washer is something so important that I can't stress enough. It will be used so many times and carrying your own clean towel with you ensures prevention and protection from germs, bacterial, fungal and any other infections which can happen because of contact. 

5.Head band: A facial headband is used to put your hair away when bleaching creams and face packs are applied on your face. Therefore it comes in contact with your hair as well as face. Carrying your personal clean headband will help you to protect yourself from dandruff, itching, breakouts and all other infections. Buy here

6. Bedsheet: If you are going for a service like leg waxing, bikini wax or body wax, spa, massage or even facial ( some beauticians prefer to do facial on bed instead of a chair) then you will need a clean bedsheet spread over the parlour bed. You can always insist them to change it for you but it won't always be possible for them due to various reasons. So instead of compromising on hygiene, it's always better to carry your own clean cotton bedsheet with you.

7. Moisturiser: If you go to a salon for some facial service then the last step your beautician performs is to apply a moisturiser. Carrying your favourite moisturiser with some SPF which suits your skin type will be a good idea so that she does not put whatever is handy to her but might not be the best match for your skin.

8. Goggles: A pair of good quality goggles or eyewear which can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Although  you should carry it all the time during day but I will say that it becomes a must while coming from salon because after undergoing different treatments, skin around the eyes becomes more sensitive so needs more protection.

9. Scarf: After various skin treatments skin becomes more susceptible to damage from sun and pollution. Carrying a scarf or dupatta while going to salon is a good idea because it will protect your hair and facial skin from dust and sun when you are on yor way back home. You might skip it if you travel in an AC car though.

10. Hair Clip: A hair clip is something which I won't say is a must but is always good if you keep it with you. It will be required to tie your hair away from your face so that your hair don't get messed up with facial creams etc. Using hair accessories which have already been used on a number of clients can possiblly give you dandruff and other problems. 

These are my top 10 must have things which I never forget to carry with me when I go to salon/ beauty-parlour. Going to a salon which is high on prices but low in hygiene will end up giving you more skin problems instead of solving the ones you already have. However if you are careful then you can save yourself from unwanted skin problems. 

Can you think of anything else which can help salon experience to be more fruitful ? Share with me in the comments below.

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Sammi Penni said...

I never thought about a lot of these! Thanks for spreading the word! It never even occurred to me to bring my own supplies to salons, but that makes a lot of sense.

Ritu Goyal said...

Thanks Sammi for reading and leaving a comment. It looks gross to me when I see them using same sponge to wipe everyone's face. So I thought of writing about it.

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