Essence Make-Up Haul - Bought Face, Lip & Eye Make-Up Products

Hello lovely ladies,
Few months ago  my Cupcake (refer to about section to know more) came to India and brought some gorgeous make-up goodies for me. These were make-up products from the popular drugstore  brand Essence which is  There were face make-up, eye make-up and lips make-up products and I have been using all of those since then and loving most of them for their affordability and efficacy. Since this lovely make-up which is a German make-up brand is also  launched in India, I thought of sharing this haul with mini review of each product on my blog too so that you can come to know about the products and can decide whether to buy or bash those.

Here are the make-up products from Essence makeup which I got:


Essence Soft & Natural Long-Lasting Foundation : He bought this Foundation from 'Target' in Australia for around $8 for a 30 ml tube. This moisturising foundation I got is in the shade '03 Medium Beige'. It has got skin soothing linden wood extract and helps to achieve a fresh, even and natural looking complexion. It blends well and looks quite natural and skin like. It has semi-matte finish so ideal for oily skinned people.

Essence Eyebrow Designer Pencil: This eye brow pencil was bought from 'Priceline' pharmacy for around $3 for 1 gram during a sale. It is in the shade '02 Brown'. It comes with a cap which has got a brush on it. It is an ideal shade to fill in the eyebrows for people who have dark but sparse eyebrows. It is quite pigmented and does not smudge easily. You have to use it with a light hand in order to achieve natural looking fuller eyebrows.

Essence Kajal Pencil: He bought this Kajal pencil again from 'Target' for around $3. This is in the shade '21 Feel the Eclipse'. It is a wooden pencil which needs to be sharpened and comes with a tight cap. I am not a fan of this as it is too soft for my liking and within an hour or so it smudges and gives me panda eyes. 

Essence Lipstick: This Lipstick was bought again from 'Priceline' for $4 during a sale. This is in the shade 'No 12 Sparkling Miracle'. It has got fine shimmer particles to it. I used to like these kind of shimmery and frosty shades of lipsticks when I was a teenager and did not know much about makeup .. However I don't really like such shimmery lipsticks. This particular one by Essence is not so pigmented and does not look good on my lips. 

Essence Lipstick: Another lipstick shade that I got is 'No 60, Cutie Mac Cute'. This was bought from the same 'Priceline' store for $4. This is also a shimmery lipstick.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss: I need to check the price of this lipgloss. I have not used it yet. I will do a detailed review post on it very soon. Keep checking my blog to stay updated. 

Essence Smoky Eye Brush: I also got a smoky eye brush from the same 'Priceline' store in Australia for $3. It is an awesome brush and I have used it to create so many eye make up looks in these few months. I will do a detailed review post on this brush. 

So this was my first 'make-up shopping haul' post featuring make-up products from the brand Essence. However this is not the last post because I have got tons of other make-up products from the same brand which are at my in-laws place right now and I will soon cover those all in new haul and review posts. Make sure to follow my blog to know more about this brand.

How To Store Beauty Blender For Travel To Prevent It From Getting Moulded

Beauty blenders have made the challenge to achieve that perfect base so easy that we actually can not do without these. Beauty blenders or makeup sponges are easy to use, light weight , precise, versatile and beginner-friendly. Because of all these reasons, they are preferred over makeup brushes during travel. However, many of us don't know how to carry a beauty blender for travel or how to store a beauty blender in makeup case they end up getting their beauty blender damaged or mould-ed.

Although Beauty blenders are here for almost 10 years now but there are still some people who don't know what Beauty Blenders are. Or there may be some people who know what a beauty sponge or makeup sponge is but they don't know the new term "Beauty Blender". So for all those people, let me just quickly tell you what is a beauty blender and How a beauty blender is used ?

Beauty blender is just a sponge which is designed for applying makeup on your face. These are soft and flexible just like a normal sponge but these are very very dense and bouncy unlike your regular sponges. They are created in a tear-drop kind of shape where one end is semi-spherical where as the other end is pointed. Rounded or semi-spherical end is good for applying makeup products like cream foundation or liquid foundation on larger and broader areas like cheeks, forehead etc on your face whereas pointed end is ideal to cover the small areas like nose, nostrils, corners or nose, eyes and pretty much everywhere where you have grooves or ridges.

These Beauty blenders are favourite of all the makeup lovers because they apply the makeup quickly and perfectly because they absorb the extra product and help the rest to be spread evenly on our face. Beauty blenders are meant to be made damped with water before loading it with your foundation or any other liquid or cream makeup product. Because of being thick, they do require some hours to dry completely. If you can not wait them to dry completely and you have to pack them wet and leave during your travel then they must be stored in a proper manner so that the supply of light and oxygen is not blocked and thus there are no chances for fungus or bacteria to grow inside them.

Here in this post I am going to share a few of my tips to store beauty blenders so that they last longer and you get every worth of your money. Easter is just around the corner and you can easily find the plastic eggs in which you have a small toy and some lollies etc. It has a few holes so it lets the air in and hence it makes the ideal and cheapest storage for your wet or damp beauty blenders.

Kmart has also started selling special cases for beauty blender storage for as low as $0.50 for a pack or 2 cases. Have a look of these ..

These are available in various colours. I personally liked these beauty blender cases a lot as these are affordable, durable, washable and does the job of storing a beauty blender perfectly without blocking the light and air. You can buy these online or in store from Kmart australia. 

Tips For Trousseau Shopping For NRI Bride / What Kind of Bridal Clothes to Choose For Marriage Shopping

Trousseau shopping means shopping of clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup and gifts of all kinds for a soon to be bride. It is the most important shopping in a girl's life as she starts to dream about it at a very early age. It's like imagining some fairy tale where the girl who is going to be the future bride ,  has everybody's attention and is the most pampered person and she does not have to worry about anything and can shop as much as she wants to. 
Hence, the experience of buying stuff for bridal trousseau means a lifelong memory so it has to be done with pre-planning and research so that you remember it as a pleasing memory and not something that makes you regret your choices. 

Trousseau shopping is tricky, time-consuming and demands a lot of research for all the brides but with NRI brides ( brides who have to live in abroad after their marriage) , it becomes even more challenging because of weight issue during overseas travel and the struggle to get the best value for your money by choosing items that you will use in India as well as in abroad. 

If NRI brides spend too much in buying typical Indian or ethnic wears which are heavy and gaudy, then they usually regret it later because of the following reasons:
1. Typical Indian Ethnic wears are expensive so you will be able to buy fewer clothes for the same amount of money
2. Typical ethnic wears are heavy in terms of weight because of those zardozi, beads , mirror and stone work going on in the embroidery so you will be able to carry very few of your ethnic attires to abroad with you because of limited luggage allowance.
3. Typical ethnic wears require to be dry-cleaned only so they are high-maintenance which is very costly as well as time-consuming in abroad. 
4. Typical Ethnic wears have metal embroidery etc which gets tarnished due to oxidation and most of the time your expensive clothes and Ethnic dresses get unfit to be worn way before you have an occasion to use them for.

Now, don't think that I don't like ethnic wear.. because I do love them .. in fact everybody does but as far as my own experience is concerned, I strongly believe that there should be a very very limited and minimal amount that should be spent on these clothes if you are going to live in abroad after your marriage. Instead of buying ethnic wears in plenty, keep them only a few and buy more versatile clothes which are indo-western and can be worn in both India as well as abroad.

Here I have summarised 10 tips for buying clothes for an NRI bride which will help you to spend your money for the things that you would actually use and not just fill your cupboards with. These will help you for your questions like 
What type of dresses to buy for a would be bride ?
What type of clothes a bride should buy ?
How to buy clothes for bridal trousseau ?

So if you want to know the answers to these questions then keep on reading :
1. Lightweight Material : While buying clothes / dresses for your trousseau, always choose fabrics which are light weight and breathable like Georgette, Cotton, Chiffon etc and stay away from  
heavy weight material like velvet, silk etc. This will help you with packing more number of dresses in your suitcase when you are going to abroad. On the other hand, heavy weight fabric means lesser number of dresses/articles will take up all of the available space in your suitcase.

2. Balanced Colour Palette: Although bridal trousseau means bridal colors which are reds, maroons, oranges, pinks etc. However, these colors should be balanced with few subtle colours and pastel colors like peaches, mauves, yellows, lemon yellows, grey, purples too. These bright colors in dresses make these dresses suitable for very limited and few occasions only. Don't forget, that despite of such dresses that you bought yourself, you will keep on getting these as gifts too for at least first year of your marriage so you will never be short of such bright colored dresses once you are an indian bride. Therefore it is good to give some space to some not so bridal colors as well in your trousseau. In abroad, people do like Indian ethnic wears but the color choice is comparatively subtle and not very bold and typical bridal.

3. Stay Away From Pure Fabrics : Pure fabrics like pure silk, raw silk, pure chiffon, pure georgette etc are extremely delicate and high maintenance and these have a very short life. These are meant to be dry cleaned only and sometimes for this reason only we keep pushing them towards the back of our wardrobe and keep choosing other fabrics which are synthetic and easy to maintain. Instead of buying dresses or dress materials in pure fabrics, always go for something which is not 100% pure and has got some synthetic fabric mixed in it. It will last longer and you will be able to wash it in washing machine too. Such fabrics are wrinkle free too so you don't need to iron them either. These are way more cheaper as well so it is always going to be a better choice if you pick mixed fabrics instead of pure.

4. Type of Material used in Embroidery: Indian ethnic wear are heavily embroidered and this makes it super pretty but at the same time heavy and uncomfortable too. To avoid such problems associated with heavily embroidered dresses, choose for embroidery which is done with thread , sequins and tilla( a special kind of thread available in metallic colors like gold, silver , copper) etc instead of embroidery with beads, stones, zardozi or metal coins because they make the outfit really really heavy which will be uncomfortable while wearing and plus utilize more of your luggage allowance limit. And not to mention, this is high maintenance too so include some dresses embroidered with thread work and sequin work as well.

5. Prints : Prints never go out of fashion. Infact they are so versatile that you can keep trying different looks with same printed pieces in your collection by pairing them differently on different occasions. Now, it's upto your own taste and choice that what kind of prints and colour combinations you buy so that it does not look an everyday kind of printed outfit and has some bridal feel to it so be careful while making a selection. However, once you get your eyes on something that is printed, light weight , easy to maintain and yet has got a bridal feel about it's color then do get your hands on that as well. You will wear them the most out of all your trousseau clothes for sure.

6. Indo Western and Fusion Wears: Instead of going for 100% ethnic wears , try to opt for something indo-western too because if you are an NRI bride then you will definitely be proud of your wisdom later on when you make this choice. Gowns, stitched sarees, skirts which are Indian-ized because of the embroidery or embellishment that they have are perfect because they will be suitable for both , your Indian functions and parties in abroad. Apart from that, the struggle to drape the dupatta of a typical Indian lehnga and to drape a perfect typical Indian saree is real and you need somebody's help to do it with perfection which is not easy to get in abroad where you live with your husband only and no other family member is there. You will be free from these struggles if you choose Indian style gowns, ready-made sarees and crop-tops and skirts instead of Lehenga choli as you can wear them with perfection by yourselves.

These are some of my tips which I would have surely shared with my sister if I had any. Nobody shared these with me because I was the first one of my siblings to get married and I did not have a sister as well so nobody was actually there for me except my Mom. I got to learn these from my own experience of 6 years of married life where I see 60-70 Indian ethnic dresses most of which are here in Australia and some are in India and they never get picked up by me to wear even if I have an Indian party to attend. I feel so bad because all those dresses were so expensive and yet never got used . So I thought of helping girls like me who don't know where to spend their money during their trousseau shopping and where to save. I hope you will find these tips helpful. 

If you want to check out some of my indo-western dresses which gave me a good value for my money then check this post by clicking here Indo Western Bridal Dresses for Indian NRI bride 

Tips to Buy Trousseau When You Are Going To Be Married To An NRI

Trousseau shopping is the best out of all the ones we girls do at different occasions in our life because in this we buy clothes, accessories and other girly stuff for our D-day and post that. The excitement as well as stress level is at peak because every girl wants to look her best and different from the rest and to fulfil this desire; budget and time limitation can be difficult issues at times. Especially for the brides like me who get only a few days prior to their wedding to do all the shopping just because they themselves or their grooms have work commitments and live abroad.

I will share my own story here because most of you can relate to this and understand how challenging it was for me to buy my Trousseau. I was the happiest girl to know that I was finally going to get married to the love of my life but it made me so stressed out as I had only 2 weeks' time to do everything. Out of all the worries the biggest one for me was to get my wedding dress and post wedding dresses ready in time and that too without compromising on quality, looks and fitting of my dresses and it was not going to help if I bought dress materials and tried to find a boutique because I could not wait all my life for a boutique to get my dresses stitched. 

We all know that they never give us our dresses on time and then there are alterations which ultimately lead to wastage of time which I already did not have.
I was lucky enough to be advised by a family friend to check out Mini Singh's designer readymade collection at a store called Rahul's Collection on Mall Road in Ludhiana. And believe me, I bought 7-8 dresses in just 1 hour after going there and all those dresses fitted me so well as if they were designed for me only. All this was done within 2 hours including the minor alterations here and there because they had very skilled tailors who altered those dressed for me without costing us any extra charges. The best part about those dresses was the compliments that I scored when I wore those on various occasions. Believe me, the designs were so unique that whenever and wherever I wore those, people noticed and asked me that from where had I bought them. I still wear them after almost 6 years of my marriage and people look at them as if they are some latest fashion pieces. All the colours and designs look so fresh and evergreen. Have a look at these gorgeous indo-western tunics by Mini Singh:

Endless options :These tunics are so versatile that they offer endless options to create different looks. These can be paired with leggings, straight pants, cigarette pants, churidars, palazzo pants, skirts, jeans and can even be worn on their own as western dresses because of their design. So you can be as creative as you like and create a new look by pairing these with something different everytime.

Comfortable and Light Weight Material:The material used in these tunics is light weight and very flow-y so it fits the body really well and without much alteration , you get the perfect fitting. Light weight material not only makes them more comfortable and at the same time enables you to pack more clothes while not over-doing the limit on your luggage while travelling overseas. Typical Indian dresses are mostly heavy weight so you can not pack too many of those because they will utilize all of the luggage limit which is permitted by the airline.  Apart from this, the uncomfort that comes free with heavily embellished dresses is something that will make you not even touch them when you actually want to dress up for some party. These keep lying in the suitcases only when you reach abroad and after like 5-6 years people either donate them or try to sell them for a very small fraction of their actual cost.

Wash Care These tunics by Mini Singh are made up of pure Georgette and pure chiffon material so these are very delicate and meant to be dry-cleaned only. I make sure that I wear a particular piece for atleast 5-6 times before I get it dry-cleaned. After wearing these on some occassion, I leave it inside out to dry in the air before I store it in my wardrobe. This way it stays fresh for longer. Make sure you get all your tunics dry-cleaned before you leave for abroad because the cost of dry-cleaning is much more cheaper in India than in abroad. 

These were some of the highlights about my personal trousseau picks. However I have listed a few general tips that every bride can surely follow to get the most value for her money and be proud of her choices after marriage instead of regretting her shopping. You can check these tips tomorrow in my new post.

How to Remove Blackheads Permanently At Home | Remove Blackheads Painlessly

Recently when I shared my easy way to remove blackheads from nose, in a video on my Youtube channel, I got so many questions which were like How to remove blackheads at home, How to stop blackheads from coming back, How to minimize blackheads on nose, How to remove deep blackheads, Where to buy good blackhead remover,  Painless way to remove blackheads and Best tools to remove blackheads.. I knew that people hate blackheads but did not have idea that these many of us struggle with these stubborn blackheads which are unwelcome guests on our skin and they refuse to go no matter how hard we try.
By the way, here is that video which I just mentioned above, just in case you missed it.
If you also are one of them who wants to know easy ways to extract the blackheads then keep on reading as  I am going to be sharing my Easy Tips to Remove Blackheads permanently. These tips will not only remove the blackheads but will also help to shrink the large pores on your nose and cheeks. It will also clean the pores thereby making them less visible. 

So if you also are tired of finding the answers for these questions which are given below then continue reading this post till the end.

How do I get rid of blackheads permanently ?
How can I get rid of blackheads on my nose ?
Why do blackheads comeback quickly ?
Best Treatment for blackheads on nose ?
How to remove blackheads from nose at home instantly ?

In order to remove blackheads permanently, you must follow some basic tips and stick to the best skincare routine that works for you. If you follow your skincare routine religiously then blackheads will stay away and won't come again. It is not a matter of one or two days. Of course there are ways to remove blackheads instantly but once removed, they will come back too if you don't keep your pores clean and skin moisturized. Our skin produces oil on regular basis. As we age, the oil production reduces itself but it never stops completely. So,even if you have removed all of your blackheads ..they will still come back if you do not keep your skin clean and do not moisturize it on regular basis. This answers your question about blackheads returning back quickly.

Now, I will share some basic steps or tips to remove blackheads permanently in which there are fast methods as well as slow methods. Fast methods are a bit harsh and should be done on fortnightly basis because otherwise they can damage the skin. On the contrary ,slow methods work in a gentle way but they show results only when you include them in your routine. 

Here are some slow methods which are gentle and painless methods of removing the blackheads :

1.Cleanse Your Face Twice Daily : It might sound very basic but believe me that Cleansing the skin to get rid of dirt, dust, excess oil, makeup and pollutants that get accumulated on our face throughout the day is the most important tip to keep blackheads and whiteheads away. Use a gentle or mild cleanser in the morning because you just have to wash away excess oil that your skin produced throughout the night. However at night,  use a cleanser that can remove all traces of makeup, dust, dirt and oil. 
For morning time cleansing, you can try Himalaya Moisturizing Aloevera Face Wash for dry skin and Biore Balancing Cleanser for Oily and Combination skin. If you love products which are nasties-free then you can also check Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser which is great for oily, combination, acne prone and blemish prone skin.
For night time cleansing, we need to divide the process into steps which I have discussed here in this post in detail.

How does cleansing help to remove blackheads ? 
Blackheads are formed as a result of excess oil production by our sebaceous glands. This oil gets oxidized and looks black and also traps dust and dirt along makeup if not removed before going to bed which forms blackheads. So if we remove all traces of makeup, dirt and dust by thoroughly cleansing our face then blackheads will not form quickly and will stay away. However, over cleansing also should be avoided at the same time because it triggers the skin to produce more oil.

2. Exfoliate : Exfoliation means removing dead skin layer from our skin so that the new and healthy looking skin can get exposed from beneath that layer. To exfoliate or scrub our face, we can use homemade or ready-made scrubs which are available in a huge variety to suit our individual needs and budgets. Exfoliation is one of the most satisfying step out of all the steps of our skincare routine and it's result is visible right after we have finished doing it. However, despite of that we should stop ourselves from over-scrubbing because it causes our skin to produce more oil and and hence blackheads and whiteheads too. 

How many times should you scrub your face ?
Scrubbing should be done only twice or not more than thrice in a week. 

Best scrub for face ?
We should also stay away from woody or nutty scrubs like apricot scrubs because they are harsh on our skin and cause our skin to have tiny cuts here and there. 
To get maximum benefit from scrubbing, we must always use gentle scrubs like St Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea scrub which is the best scrub for oily and acne prone skin and stops the blackheads from forming if used on regular basis. It feels really gentle on the skin and still does its job. Scrubbing improves blood circulation and texture of our skin and keeps our pores clean and less visible.
You can also try glycolic acid based gentle scrubs or enzyme based scrubs which are quite popular these days.
These are some homemade natural scrub recipes for you. 

3. Clay Masks: Clay masks are an excellent way to help oily and combination skin , in staying matte by controlling excess oil secretion and hence are helpful in removing the blackheads.  Clay masks are available in a large variety but two of the most popular are Multani mitti which is also called Fuller's earth mask and Bentonite clay which work great to remove impurities from skin, remove excess oil from skin and maintain the pH of the skin. These also exfoliate the skin in a gentle way and improves the uneven skin-tone. People who have combination skin with center part or t-zone of their face oily and c-zone comparatively dry sometimes struggle with choosing the right product which works well for the parts of their face. However, clay masks are really handy in such a situation because you can apply them in a really precise manner on your oily t-zone only and leave your dry c-zone which is usually your cheeks etc. With regular use of these masks, skin stays clear, oil is produced in controlled amount , pores remain unclogged and blackheads are not formed much.

Correct way to apply clay mask to combination skin : To get maximum benefit from your clay mask for combination skin you need one simple trick . Just make a paste by using your favourite clay in powdered form and mix it with rose water or cucumber juice or aloevera gel or lemon juice or even plain water for the oily parts of your face and apply it with a face pack brush. Save some of this paste and mix it with milk cream or curd or honey so that it becomes moisturizing as well and then apply it on the dry parts of your face. 
So therefore you can get benefits for both dry as well as oily areas of your skin from a single mask.

4. Moisturize: Our skin is naturally designed to help itself. This is how it works and we have to understand it in order to keep it in good condition for a long time. Moisturizing the skin with right product is very important as it stops the moisture loss from skin and prevents your skin from producing excess oil on it's own which it does when it's dry. Some people who have oily skin, tend to skip applying moisturizer because they don't know the correct answer to these questions ..
Is moisturizer essential for oily skin ?
Which is the best moisturizer for oily skin ?
How many times should I use moisturizer on Oily skin ?

So, I will answer these questions briefly so that you can know the importance of moisturizing your skin daily. Moisturizer is essential for oily skin too. All skin types require to be moisturized in order to stay healthy. Oily skin needs water based moisturizers because they are light weight and get absorbed quickly without making you look oily. 
I highly recommend Neutrogena oil free moisture which is the best and affordable moisturizer for oily and combination skin. 
You must moisturize your skin twice daily and the right time to do this is after your morning cleansing and evening cleansing just before you hit the bed.

These are some effective tips which 100% work to remove blackheads. You must adhere to these to these to get maximum benefit.

Tomorrow I will share some quick or fast methods to remove blackheads permanently in my new post. So keep checking this space. :)

How can I make my skin fair and lighten my complexion ? BFE Reader Query 001

Hello all !!
This post is the first one in the new series of BFE Reader queries. 
A lot of times I have been asked to tell something to help with skin lightening. Fairness and light complexion has been a topic that I have discussed the most with my friends and readers on my Facebook Group, Page, YouTube Channel and on various social media. Hence I decided to address this in a blogpost. 

For the sake of ease, I have divided this post into sub-categories which are:
1. Can skin colour be changed ?
2. If yes then how , if no then why ?
3. What can be done to make the skin colour appear fair ? 
4. How to maintain the actual colour of skin ? How to prevent skin darkening/ skin tanning ?

Can skin colour be changed ?
The colour of skin can never be changed because your genes decide it. It works in the same way in which our blood group, eye color and other traits work. It's in your DNA which you receive from both of your parents. Just like blood group and eye colour can not be changed, skin colour also remains the same. Being a science post graduate and having studied and taught biology I can tell you this confidently and you can believe me. Read this if you haven't.

Why can it not be changed ?
There are special cells in our body which are called Melanocytes and these cells produce a pigment called Melanin. Melanin is responsible for our skin colour. More melanin means darker skin colour. It  actually protects us from harmful UV rays of sun and various types of skin problems. So, it's actually good if you have brown/dark/tanned skin because you are less likely to be affected with sun burns and skin cancers. This is why people who are white skin or porcelain skin can not bear harsh sun rays for long because they have less melanin and thus they get sun-burns faster than people with brown skin. So, if you are dark or brown, you should actually be happy that your skin has more melanin to stay protected.

What can be done to make the skin colour appear fair ?
Where the skin colour can not be changed, people who want to lighten their skin by 1-2 shades can consider bleaching their skin by using either of the organic or chemical method. Bleach lightens the colour of facial hair and thus makes your skin look fairer by a couple of shades. I have shared a step by step video to about how to bleach facial hair at home in this video which you must check in order to make it work for  you.

Second thing that can help you with darkness of skin is de-tanning products. Those products will only work if you have tanned skin so that it can go back to your original actual skin colour. If you don't want to invest in any de-tanning products which are available in the market then you can check my DIY anti-tan Milk facial at home in the video given below. It has multiple benefits becauseit makes the skin fairer by removing the tan and dead skin cells and also makes the skin baby soft, smooth, glowing and young.

How to maintain the actual colour of skin ? How to prevent skin darkening/ skin tanning ?
Where you can not change your skin colour from dark to light, you can always prevent it from getting tanned. Just follow these simple tips to maintain your actual skin colour :
1. Always use a good quality sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast before stepping out.
2. Use an umbrella or a scarf to create physical barrier between your skin and harmful sun rays.
3. Try to wear cotton clothes and keep your body covered when out in the sun.
4. Do not forget to re-apply the sunscreen after 3-4 hours because sunscreens work for a limited time and they need to be re-applied.

Indian cosmetic market is flooded with so many fairness creams just because most of the people want to look fair and companies want to cash this. We all have grown up seeing fair and lovely commercials on our televisions but all of those fairness creams and lotions are big time fails. Never ever buy these products if you want to make your skin fair. Instead, love the skin colour you already have and try to improve the texture of your skin. All skin colours are beautiful. Always use the right products which suit your skin tone to look your best. 

I hope pacified most of the doubts regarding skin lightening and fairness and you will not ask questions like "How to become fair ? " How to make the skin lighter ? How to get fair complexion ? ". I would love to hear from you in the comments. Ask me on any of my social media if you have any queries regarding skin, hair, makeup, relationship or random. I will be happy to help.

5 Beauty Hacks Which You Can Do With Your Tooth Brush

A tooth brush is one tool that we all use twice or at least once daily to clean our teeth. However most of us don't know that there are various other beauty related uses which a tooth brush can be put to. Here are top 5 of all those ways in which a tooth brush can serve to be an inexpensive multi-tasking beauty tool:

To Scrub the Lips: Dry, chapped and pigmented lips not only look bad but also are painful at times. Hence it is very important to get rid of that dead skin which makes your lips look ugly. A tooth brush can be easily used to scrub away the dead skin cells on the lips which start to slough off on their own and make the lips look dry and chapped. To do so, gently rub a soft tooth brush on your lips in circular motions after you have just brushed your teeth (because your lips are already moist by then) and wash off the dead skin cells and apply some lip balm or petroleum jelly to have those youthful and pink baby lips.

To do back-combing or teasing of hair to add extra volume- We all love voluminous hair but everyone is not blessed to have those. For all those who have sparse hair, back-combing or hair-teasing does the job. However, to tease the hair nicely you need to have thin-toothed special combs/brushes which are hard to find and can be expensive too. A tooth brush comes to rescue then. A medium to hard toothbrush with a flat top does the job better than any special combs designed especially to tease the hair. Just move it up and down your hair by taking small sections of hair at a time and keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with the volume of your hair.

To tame the hair that fly away- If you also hate those flyaways which stop you from achieving sleek hair looks then again a tooth brush can help you. Just take a clean toothbrush, spray it with some hair spray and run it gently through your hair and put those flyaways to rest and rock your sleek and gleamy hairstyles. A tooth brush does this job better than a specially designed comb would do for such purpose.

Clean interdigital spaces and nails- you need not to buy special mani-pedi brushes if you have a clean toothbrush handy. Just pick up an inexpensive clean toothbrush to clean the spaces between your fingers and toes. A toothbrush can also be used to clean dirt under the nails and trust me it does a much better job than special mani-pedi brushes because I have used both and seen the difference. A tooth brush is more easy to handle and removes every dirt residue from in between your toes and also removes dead skin cells.

Apply henna/oil to the roots of hair- the last and perhaps the most common beauty related use of a toothbrush is to apply hair packs , hair-colours and hair-oils to the roots of hair. Just grab a clean toothbrush and load it with the product you want to apply to the roots of your hair and run it through your tresses. It makes the task much easier and quicker.

These are my most favourite top 5 ways in which I use a tooth brush apart from cleaning my teeth. Do you know about any other way in which a tooth brush can help ? Do let me know in the comments.


Affordable Makeup Organizers To Make Your Life Easy

Girls who love to buy makeup have one common problem to struggle with and that is the right organisation of their make-up products. Organizing makeup is very important especially if you continue to buy new products without waiting for the ones you already have, to finish. And when we have something new, we start using that and forget about the old ones and keep lying in some ignored corner of our drawer and get expired. Therefore to avoid such wastage of makeup and to make sure that all your makeup items are visible to you and it is easy for you to pick what you are looking for on a particular time, you must invest in some functional makeup organizers like lipstick organizer, lip-gloss organizers, make-up brush organizers, eye-shadow palette organizers and nail paint organizers because these are the items that we continue to buy even if we already own plenty of these. Makeup items like concealers , foundations, blush, compact powder etc are usually limited to 1 or 2 in one's makeup arsenal because this are bought according to one's skin type.
Here I have chosen 5 best makeup organizers for you which are not sturdy, useful, pretty and at the same time, affordable. You can use these to organize your makeup mess and make use of every makeup product that you own.
1. Lipstick Organizer : "I have enough lipsticks" said no girl ever. Despite of how many lipsticks we already own, we still keep buying new ones which makes it difficult to use every single piece that we own because if they are not organised in a visible manner then we just forget about them. This lipstick organizer is the perfect answer to your "How to organize lipsticks ? " question. It is a clear lipstick organizer which can also be used to store foundations, contour sticks, concealers and pretty much every makeup product which is round/square and not wider than a standard lipstick. As it is clear so it will suit all types of decors so you do not have to worry about how it will look on your makeup table. It's dimensions are 5.75" x 3.75" x 1.75". and it has 24 compartments where the width of each of the compartments is 1" so it fits all types of lipsticks no matter thick or thin. For a very affordable price of only $5.99 , you can not go wrong with this. Click the image below to buy it.
 Lipstick Organizer
2. Nail Paint Organizer : Another thing that we keep on buying more of is nail paints. Even girls who do not like makeup, use nail paints. The last time I counted my nail paints, was nearly 5-6 years ago and that time I had 70ish something in my collection which did not stop growing but I did stop counting. If you also are a nailpaint hoarder then you definitely need a nailpaint organizer in your life. The one that I find useful is this acrylic nail paint organizer which not only looks pretty but is sturdy and useful as well. It can easily fit upto 60 bottles of nail paint. It has 4 small shelves which are at different levels so you can easily see and pick your favourite colour in a second. Click the image below to buy this must have nail paint organizer for just $12.99
 nailpolish organizer
3. Eye Shadow Palette Organizer : With all of the brands launching their new eye-shadow palettes so frequently, it is obvious to get tempted to buy more eyeshadows palettes than what we actually need or use. However it gets really annoying when you want to use a particular eye-shadow but end up using what you can find because you could not find the one you actually wanted . So it is very important to organize the eyeshadow palettes properly so that you can pick your favourite colour of eyeshadow when you want. I have found a very useful and affordable eyeshadow organizer which can hold almost all of your eyeshadow palettes and looks pretty at the same time. The dimensions of this organizer are 9.25" Inches x 3.86" Inches x 3.20" so it can easily fit on or in your bathroom vanity and makeup table. It is made up of plastic like clear acrylic material which is sturdy and works well with all types of decors. The price of this makeup organizer is $8.99 and you can buy it by clicking the image below. 
 Eyeshadow palette organizer
4. Blush Organizer : Another makeup item that we can not resist ourselves to buy is Blushes, bronzers and highlighters. Despite of owning almost every possible color of the blushes, we always end up using the same coral or matte pink blush. It is because we do not know how to store blushes properly so that they are nicely visible to us and easy to be picked up when needed. I have found a very handy blush organizer which is affordable, durable and pretty at the same time. Not only the blushes , but it can easily accommodate your bronzers, highlighters and compact powders. It has 8 compartments and it has dimensions of 9.8Lx3.5Wx2H whereas dimensions for each of the slot is 2.95Lx1.1Wx2H so it can fit almost all blushes of various brands. Mac studio fix powder fits this product to the bottom. For a very reasonable price of $9.99 it is a must have makeup organizer for all the makeup hoarders out there. Click the picture below to buy this blush organizer.
 Affordable Blush Organizer On Amazon

5. Makeup Organizer for Everyday Makeup Items: Now despite of owning hundreds of makeup 
items , we do have some basic makeup essentials for day to day use and it is better if we keep them organized separately. It is also good for girls who like to have minimal make up items but want to store them in organized manner. So, I have found a makeup organizer which can fit your everyday makeup essentials like foundation, compact, primer, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, lipsticks, eye pencils and some makeup brushes and saves tons of space on your vanity. For a really cheap price of $4.99 it is a bargain. Simply click on any of the images below to buy this all-in-one makeup organizer.
 All-in-one makeup organizer
 Affordable acrylic makeup organizer

So, these are some of my favourite best makeup organizers because these really make your makeup area organized and clean. I hope you like these and purchase your favorite of these.

Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser Review - Best Cleanser For Oily and Combination Skin

A good skincare routine starts with  a good cleanser. It is the most important product in your skincare stash because if your skin is not cleaned properly, it will never be healthy no matter how many moisturizers, serums or masks you put on. A good cleanser comes first of all as it makes the skin ready to absorb the goodness of your masks, serums, hydrating mists, toners and moisturizer. Check out
Although a good cleanser depends entirely upon one's skin type and for some it is creamy and moisturizing whereas for others it is oil free and foaming, yet a common definition that fits well for all the good cleansers focuses on 2 main points which are
 1.A good cleanser should be able to clean your skin by removing dirt, dust, excess oil and makeup.
2. It should be gentle on your skin and should not rip the much needed moisture off your skin

 Today in this post we are going to introduce one such cleanser that does what it is supposed to do and at the same time, is very very gentle on your skin. This is one of the best face washes that I have ever used
This is Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser which contains Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid and is good for blemish prone skin.

Review of Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser
This is a clear gel like cleanser with a medium consistency. It does form little bit lather and feels really gentle on the skin. It has a light lemon grass sort of fragrance which is very refreshing and soothing. I used it with and without makeup on my skin and it did a great job in removing the makeup. It removed the cream based products like foundation and concealer in the second round. However with water proof mascara and waterproof gel eyeliner, I had to use a q-tip dipped in Swisse micellar water to remove the traces that it left on my eyes. It does not irritate or burn the eyes and that is what actually proves how gentle it is because I have really sensitive eyes and most of the products sting them badly if they come in contact with my eyes. Regarding it's effectiveness as a makeup remover, I would say that it does a great job in taking off our daily wear makeup but is not equally efficient with gel based eye makeup and waterproof mascara.
Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser Review
Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser Review

Does Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser remove dead skin ?
It has Glycolic acid which is a gentle exfoliater and removes the dead and dull layer of skin without causing any harm to the good skin. I never felt any dryness or lack of moisture in my skin. I could easily see the freshness in my skin after cleansing my face with this olive leaf gel cleanser from Swisse.

Best Cleanser for acne prone and sensitive skin 
The second ingredient that makes it a perfect cleanser for oily skin, combination skin and acne prone skin is Salicylic acid which has proven benefits to reduce and stop acne. Before I started using this cleanser, I used to get 1 or 2 acne occasionally on the sides of my cheeks and forehead. However, after using this cleanser daily for two times, I never saw any new acne and the ones that I already had started to dry.

Does Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser help with blemishes ? 
I can not comment on it's efficacy for blemishes as I don't have any but considering the ingredient list and it's efficiency as an exfoliater, it can be trusted for sure by those who have blemishes because a good exfoliater prevents the blemishes by improving the blood circulation and texture of our skin which keeps blemishes away.

Does Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser Contain parabens ?
It's probably hard to believe that there is a product which is so effective yet gentle and that too without having any harmful chemicals,parabens, SLS, SLES, Synthetic fragrances and colours, petrolatum, silicones, mineral oils, PEGS, TEA, Urea, Peroxide and animal products. It is not tested on animals and hence is completely cruelty free.

Besides all this, I would like to add that it is required in very small quantity and is complete value for money. It is available in one size only which is 125 ml. I wish they had a smaller size packaging too. I will continue to use it especially till the time winters don't hit us in Melbourne.

Price of Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser : $9.95
Buy from here

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